Sunday, August 19, 2012


Before I go to bed and forget it all, I supposed the weekend deserves a recap. Oh. The first thought that immediately and inexplicably came to mind was my Terribly Exhausting Dream last night in which I juggled several stressful situations: not being able to sleep, in the dream. Isn’t that the worst? Also, equally harrowing, a terrorist situation at some hotel? in which we stayed? And also, being commissioned to watch the neighbor’s dog and forgetting to feed it. Because all those things go together, absolutely.

Anyway, I was ridonk tired when I woke up, after all that. And went to Sunday school. Except no, I sent my children to Sunday school, thieved some breakfast specifically set out for Sunday school participants, and then hid in the library. My library, I mean. Bc I had to start cataloguing books, which is mercifully easier than it could be thanks to Steve Jobs and his cohorts. Thanks, Steve. There’s the not-so-small issue that many, too many, of the books lack bar codes and/or ISBN numbers, being so “ancient” as they are, but regardless, it’s all kept in a neat little system in the virtual ether, via a clever and free iPhone app.

Otherwise the weekend was blissfully lazy as intended. I mean other than that unwanted trip to Target for weed killer. We are apparently the only people on the block that do not tend to our ditch weeds. Which I normally don’t care much about – manicured what? pffft – but some odd copywriting job from yesteryear taught me all about stream flow and obstructions and I foresee that our ditch-jungle is potentially problematic in the scheme of things. 

Book club, in which None of Us Read the Book (I updated the FB event page to reflect this anomaly) was wicked fun in spite of the sushi place losing our reservation and then blatantly Not Caring about it. After nearly an hour of neglect we ditched it for the pizza place in the plaza next door. And incidentally we could actually hear each other there and the waitstaff didn’t radiate waves of surreptitious-arsenic-dispensing hatred, always a bonus.

Okay I’m totally going to sign out, m-style, and write more thoughts tomorrow. Like about meat – ah, good one. We all eat too much of it, don’t we. Anyway you do look amazing as ever, kg count aside. And I heart you.



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