Friday, August 10, 2012

oh the humanity

Aren’t we humans cute? It’s like that insurance commercial with the montage of stupid things human beings do in cars by virtue of our infallibility. It makes me laugh and sears my heart at the same time. Because it seems like we are collectively agreed that we aren’t, actually, imperfect. Or that over time humanity improves on its imperfection with, you know, its intelligence, its technology, its “knowing better” and its having learned from history. Which is simply another facet of that imperfection, the short-sightedness.

We are so hilarious!

Someone painted patches of our white church basement ceiling green earlier this week. Oops. And today I watched three men gouge two holes in the wall while moving, or rather lodging, a boxspring up a staircase. It was there for three. hours. Fabric was ripped, slats were broken. Heads hung in defeat. And then the landlord popped by and helped get it upstairs in two minutes flat. And then in the evening I mowed the lawn, and it’s been so long since I last mowed that section, and the grass is heavy and wet like the summer air, and I was so determined to Get It Done Right Then, the mower cut off from a clog for the first time all year. So J.Lo raised the wheels and I was on my way, until WHOOPS! ran over the culvert. Shredded the culvert. Completely foo-barred the mower blade till the machine rattled and shook and J.Lo waved his arms to STOP MOWING FOR GOD’S SAKE.

So my children will eventually wound themselves on the shredded culvert – it’s inevitable, no? even though the mangle has been somewhat pounded into place. And J.Lo’s out looking for a replacement blade (fast-forward to the next morning) and we are crossing our fingers the shaft isn’t foo-barred, too, because then we’ll need a whole new mower. Which ain’t in the monthly budget. And meanwhile, the lawn still is unmowed.

Also, I’ve been epically overscheduled. I think there’s eventually an end in sight? In theory? But for now we soldier on. I haven’t watched ProRun yet so no spoilers pleeease.

Saturday is Spiedie Fest. Wish me luck in all things. But mostly the mower situation over the cookoff.

love to you in jeju


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