Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dear one,

It's the same ole same ole really. I just wanted to make sure i slept solid and long. That whereever I went in my sleep made me ready for the morning and for work. We hope for the day that the cat situation will finally resolve itself in a bunch of tenuous times that I have to meet in order to safely take the cat to the heart of my soul- LA. We hope the booking agent gets back to me or that the one guy who speaks english answers when i call out of impatience or that my coworker has mercy and helps me book a flight to seoul and finds that place to take my cat in the meantime. It's all a bit much though. Hanging in the gap and ready to grapple my way to the otherside - tired of shouting out and down about which line to take so i can reach the top safely. Tired. That's all. I'm not fighting for my life or anything.

And i persist on doing things. Spending too much money on too many lattes and shaved ice desserts. I got my hair cut and thinned for the summer which is crazy that i did that anyway. I saw that silly john cusak movie called the raven. It was almost something but it fell short. I was still entertained as i snacked on too much popcorn and tried this squid snack my fellow dragon S loves to get. She's the one who dragged me to the stylist and i appreciated her assistance that we were just going to get it done. I got bitten like 6 times by mosquitos last night. I really do need to get a net.

What else. I got perfume on stick. And a face mask. I set two butterflies free from windows they insisted they could magically fly through. I saw an art installation on the faraway west side of the island. I got a crick in my neck because of stress and sleeping on it wrong. I debate making dinner for myself. The more practical side of myself will probably lose. I think I should just go the beach now. Part of me resists the rest. But i think i should go.