Tuesday, August 28, 2012

my name is pen,

And I Overthink Everything. Welcome to our first meeting! I was thinking instead of that arty thing I showed you earlier, perhaps this is a more appropriate representation of our plight:


But we’re still awesome, right? Even though you’re so calm you can’t possibly be calm, because WHY WOULD YOU BE CALM. And even though I understand the pre-discussed concept of buoying oneself above the fray, sometimes IT JUST FEELS IMPOSSIBLE. Because why isn’t such-and-such group of people especially friendly toward me, and why can’t I think on the fly, and why can’t people appreciate that I don’t think on the fly, and organizing things is my passion, but is organizing people? (Pretty sure, no.) And why were certain items of mine amended or omitted from the monthly newsletter, is there a hidden agenda lurking somewhere? And isn’t it completely selfish to just shut one’s eyes in the middle of the day for like, 20 minutes and block out the world. And then follow that up with 4 episodes of Dance Academy. I mean forgetting that it’s a salve to my soul. Shouldn’t I be assembling camping items? Or at least completed the grocery list? And THE COFFEE IS RUNNING LOW. What is going to happen when we run out!

These are the sort of things I need to load up onto a ship and send away from shore.

Are there cookies at this meeting? Or a bad pot of coffee at least?

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almost anonymous said...

I'll join you. This meeting definitely needs excellent baked goods of some sort.