Wednesday, August 22, 2012

mind the gaps

I cannot even buh-lieve I didn’t keep you posted on the aftermath of J.Lo’s car after the accident a few weeks ago. I mean I guess it was anticlimactic, or at least relatively drama-free (thankyousomuchbabyjesus), and the accident causer’s insurance covered everything. And it’s all fixed and looks lovely again. All told it was $3300 in damage. But I’d like very much never to have one of those again, if at all possible.

Can I whine about my cold for a few minutes? Wonka wanted me to. It’s one of those horrible lingering ones, and I am only on day one and a half. *sob* J.Lo picked up a week and a half ago and still has it. K.Lo picked up what seemed to be a milder version and is feeling aiight. Only N.Lo remains unscathed. But thank goodness for Scooby-Doo library DVDs and a relatively quiet younger child, is all I’m saying.

Oh! and most importantly I loved your response. I’m still pondering it and yesterday my eye again caught the shadowbox you made for me and how the girl in it is reaching toward the light and here I’ll quote you back to you:

And upsprings from the broken bottle this epic figure. She alights herself upon the inkbottle at her foot and catches the bolt and fixes everything in the place it was seen hurdling from. But you see the antique autocar light isn't on, the latin inscription on the wine cork from which the light is hung is: 'let your light shine'... the internal you, never cease or stop, but continue on in this sparkling and vibrant way forever more. And it bears with the latin phrase "in omnia paratus": ready for anything/allthings...

Wicked awesome.

I’m all caught up on ProRun so let’s discuss. I sort of hate team challenges because I feel like every single designer is restrained from creating what they would normally create and while it’s obviously good to step out of one’s box or whatever, in these scenarios they are stunted by compromise rather than flourishing within a set of parameters. So it’s sort of a yawn-fest ultimately but I did love blonde chick’s dress and wouldn’t mind the black and white by Nathan either.

So now I need to, um, go tend to my cold. And children and dinner. Killme. But the dinner at least is pho, or something resembling it.

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almost anonymous said...

I was just thinking this morning about what the car fallout was.