Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Brown Bears, or Black Bears

Black bears. Obviously.

Last night i went to the Emart and spent too much money on fruit and some imported pesto. Pricey nonsense. I should spend less. And then there was the Bingsu (bing/ksu). Ice, cream, icecream, assorted bits, espresso... you'd think i'd have been up for staying up but it was all too much sugar and there was nothing to download and nothing on tv and i finished that follet novel... Today is liberation day. I think from Japan. Korea is still a bit sore about that whole occupation invasion thing. And i'm happy to capitalize on any liberation day of any country... i think? I won't look into it too deeply except to say thank god. The next one isn't for another 6 wks- by then Matt will be here and we'll be touring around the island. So i have that immense pressure to relax? And try not to think of tomorrow as monday but 2 days to Saturday. Meaghan and i have done some investigating and going out for Bingsu after school has definitely helped to lessen the work day blow/blues...

So today, so far so good- slept. check. ate a good breakfast. swam in the ocean. laid in the sand. floated in the ocean. laid on the sand. and now i'm back. Next strategy is to get lunch, find a coffee shop, go to a movie, go to dinner and call it a day. Or fit the beach back in there again depending. And then there's that going back to the doctor for more allergy testing thing- not today though everything is closed. I have vowed though- one of my first lists has emerged here- nothing tourist related but body related: cheap electrolosis, toe fungus (ew), chiropractor. and the allergans... weight loss is already ticking along. But there was a consequence of all that vaykay eating i was doing a couple weeks ago. I still managed to lose another few lbs though. Go 100-101.5 kgs ish. Because now i'm all --- ooo.

But back to you and blackbears, that church was amazing. I can just imagine the feel of the wood on the pews and walls. Delicious. And that car. Delight. Pure. Delight with those tires. And um yes, please- buried treasure! druglords! and that donkeys chase wolves away from cows!? The what! I love that your learning. Speaking of, I feel my imagination is out to lunch. Where has it gone? I did just watch three inspirational videos- which by the way epic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=80ZrUI7RNfI ... i'd almost watch mr.rodgers then bob ross and follow it with julia childs. but whatever order its pretty fantastic. I may have teared up about the happy clouds and trees and the you've got to believe on the bob ross refrain-- and been suddenly made ravenous by the julia remix. Which did i mention EPIC.

Anyway I hope my imagination comes back one day.
Chat you later love. To make up maybe i'll post again tonight (cough). I said maybe.

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