Sunday, February 28, 2010


Mmm, M&M’s. I miss them. And the Golden Oreos taunt me. It’s all I’ll say. Week 2 leading into Week 3 isn’t much improved, really. Although I did find a charming mix of dried fruit and nuts on sale at Target, as well as a new local produce store. I love this town, but sometimes it’s evident we don’t have shit, as far as certain resources.

And I know logically that I chose sweets sacrifice for a reason, that perhaps I don’t need so much of it the rest of the year, but the question looms: how much is too much? Because the sugar-crash headache post-pancakes was telling. But chocolate… doesn’t the soul just need it? Hmm.

Saturday passed in a blur. Something about new beds? And a wicked headache at the end of the day, brought on by nothing. Or stress or something. And today I had all sorts of intentions about a full morning at church, followed by time at a coffee shop to take care of some blog business, but ultimately it was a half-morning at church (still good, however), followed by coupon-clipping and some random sorting leftover from yesterday. I need to get *situated* before I can really work, I guess.

Supposedly, I have a dentist appt on Tuesday, but I don’t wanna, so I’m probably not gonna. It’s been 6 mos., and I feel that’s far too early. It should be more like 9 mos. or a year. Now an eye appt., that I could use. Unfortunately.

The magazine US Weekly is like readable crack, btw. And speaking of crack, did you know that arlie-Chay een-Shay’s wife checked into rehab for the habit? I mean, drugs, schumgs, but crack? It’s crossing a line I don’t know how to describe. And the babies, what about the babies. She has twins.

Also, interestingly, our prayer maze walk will be at night on Friday. I thought it would be morning? But this is even better, I feel. Night. Church. Candles. Meditation. Ooo.

I’ve lately been considering, too, that I need to return to my non-talking roots. I mean, now that I know how, I feel like most of my spoken words are drivel? Talking too much just adds to the clutter of my mind. Because then there’s more for me to analyze. I’m not talking about a complete moratorium on talking, because I’ve also done that before (sort of involuntarily), and that can quickly get complicated. Just a cutback. See what happens.

I feel another headache coming on. What the hell.




Friday, February 26, 2010


Where are you... It's just me really, that's gone somewhere or is sitting still, my lack of human interaction for even a day sets me wondering, my neuroses and food habits- was it the hot cocoa mix, was it the chili? Was it because of the wheat I accidentally ate while eating a gyro that made me sensitive from wednesday effecting thursday? Why does there have to be wheat in a gyro? Or soy coating my fries? Why is there soy in chesse? Why do pickles have to be marinating in high fructose corn syrup? Why does milk have to agitate my digestive system and cause hives? Is it possible I'm allergic to all these things? soy.milk.wheat. soy.milk.wheat. soy.milk.wheat. Why did that woman at OldN@vy talk me out of the grey dress. Did i look that ginormous in it? Or was she just thinking, black is always yes and if you're at all uncertain then it's a no. I just wasn't sure if light grey was my color. I mean i think i've ascertained i'm a winter. Jewel tones- navy, teal, maroons, emerald, black,white... and everyone has a shade of grey they can wear. Maybe charcoal is more mine but still. ANd I let her talk me right out of it. I can't believe it. I felt like a pinball. Completely reactionary. And as I type I can feel the rough pilling on my shirt. How awful. ANd I liked you shirt, I really did. But i can't abide scratchy anything. You might get one more chance but then, you're gone. Like that see through, too lose white shirt. It never had a chance.

All this thinking...
It stalls two activities: necklace making and essay writing. Let alone losing 3 hours to the Wire s5/d3. I mean I don't know where the day went. There was some reading in there and that show 'You are what you eat'... renews my need to stick to cutting out most of fast food and eating more greens, and chewing my food- i guess. If one has to. Oh, if I only had $400 lying around to get tested for allergies. I did start a food diary today. In lieu of being rich. That in itself should be sustainable due to its list making potential. I should make a list of my physical grievences as well. Elbow tendenitis, twitchy tightness in quad, sore knees...or in general, lack of excema, minimum dandruff, 2 bits of acne, toe fungus, bad tooshort nails- weird bits of body maintanence wearing me down, too many things to care about or consider. And yet. Sputter.Sputter.Sputter.

The day before yesterday I made a list of grievences as my meditation with God made me feel like a floppy fish full of static like jolts of aggrevated blargness, I felt better afterward, sort of cleared the air. Build up of algae? or co2. hmm. There was at least 20 things. 5 seemed to be evil related. 6 good/God related. 9 were mixed of external and internal irritations, ticks and warbles. Then I saw myself on a small rock jutting up with a metal pole to hang onto and all around me were falling canonballs. It was quite clear I couldn't move very far from center or i'd get hit. And that's all I kept seeing, wooosh wooosh, crash crash crash. Needlesstosay, I didn't meditate yesterday, but I woke up with me remembering later this disturbing part of a dream I had- where this little - live- puppy was being made into a sugar cone, he was auborn brown, with big black eyes and soft ears, and when the guy was serving it to me, he clipped the nails, and then scooping icecream into the puppy's mouth- which looked more like a sockpuppetpuppymouth, but still- alive and blinking at me- i remember thinking, um, i don't think i can do this. I mean, i really, it's wrong- eating live puppies.

ANyway what the hell am I stressed out about !?
But two weeks to you.
i'm going to get that ON dress in grey and compare ANd bring the winner to you. Am also seeing some movie about tolstoy with julie tomorrow, had a good hike with callie, dinner with sarah... No need to work out. Hit my max. And danica and i joined etsy- 'darenotdally'... we haven't posted anything but its in the works. really. otherwise adieu and 'the rest is silence'.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I was feeling spicy and carefree when i picked it. I felt the header had to match. There was something about the bulbs i know, but our moods seemed to run contrary to that. And then once i changed the BG, it just seemed to be mocking the header. BUt anyway. One day.

Oh and you can totally send me with jlo. Its like, having a brother for a day outing. Though I understand if we can't work it in. I mean clearly it should be worked in, because my brother would never take me to a shooting range or play volleyball with me. So its a good thing jlo is it. I mean he even burns me cds so I can evolve my musical tastes. Its completely a brotherly thing to do. ANd im completely psyched about all of our outings. Its going to be a perfect and lovely week. Im excited about the prayer maze also. I want to create one in my lot at church. That would be rad. I've never done one. And of course one day when i come visit you again, i'll just buy my ticket like a normal person instead of using ffm, and that way i can fly into wilmington direct and simplify our lives. Giving us more time for everything obviously. Though I do enjoy that we can maintain a 2 hour convo, taking only occasional no talking breaks. I'm sure this time we'll have nothing whatever to say. ;)

Also, ew, fruit strips.
SO food. Yes, mmm. Everything i listed to you in my snack suggests for lent are good to go. I can do corn and rice, rice noodles, corn chips... i'll just have to label check stuff- as its candida v. wheat/soy allergy. Also spelt has wheat in it. Tragic. But quinoa is a good grain i can eat. Also rye crisps? Potatoes of course. Its just the usual staples are out- toast, bread for sandwiches, pasta... and chocolate is out unless it doesnt have soy- i do feel better i have to say. I think i may even be allergic to peas. Its part of the soy family. Its ridiculous. But anyway obviously fruit is golden! And i love. I can still do cheese and nuts (for now?:P) and nonfat yogurt. Recently I got into agave syrup as a natural sugar additive. Do you want me to bring you some? I feel very fancy using it with my yogurt and i cut up bananas and mix cinnamon in. Also meat = delicious, fish included, and all sorts of salads and lettuce and broccoli... its an all natural and mostly organic world i'm in. Fairly wild. And we won't feel as compelled to try and find dessert opts since you're abstaining. And thats a good thing. DOn't even get me started about the fact that the beef flavoring in mcds fries has wheat in it...

What else?

I'm watching Thorne today. The ipod I acquired needs a new battery. I've got some post it note chaos going on when clearly I should have a list. They're all standing tall right now like separate thoughts. Joanna got her necklace and the guy said he didn't know where the other necklace was- the one i spent $18 on sending express. Ugh. Whatever. Typical! And weird the mail just arrived early. Usually its all, I'll take my time and come at 3pm but here it is already. Allright i'm going to go read a book about the hubris of youth.

I have to things to contemplate though: being a 'church friend' and maybe a poem about lent...


Monday, February 22, 2010


I like the new background, btw. Love it, in fact. Though I feel the bulbs had such a short little debut, so maybe we’ll bring them back again one day? They were, after all, brilliant.

So… shooting range? Really? Sigh. Can’t I just send you with J.Lo. I mean, someone has to watch the children. Granted, I still haven’t learned to shoot, but the desire is also nil. Unless it’s at one of those Old West galleries on the boardwalk somewhere, 20 shots for a quarter, where’s there’s a payoff for each score, such as a bird squawking or a skeleton playing a piano, or something.

But, I shall accommodate. :) Because, you are you.

Otherwise, plans so far include: church, tea room, BEACH ALL DAY – yes, it’s true, ghost walk, birthday cake! (peppermint patty or the kind with the butterfinger? i ponder), ferry ride, possible aquarium, yoga, deck staining, labyrinth walk. Huzzah! And lots of good food, although really you’re going to have to update me again on what you can eat at this juncture.

Lately I notice I’m addicted to shows about cake. Specifically that “Challenge” one on FoodTV. I don’t really feel that I want to eat said cakes? But they are pretty and I want to admire them from afar. Maybe this is the replacement addiction, the vent, the purge.

I did consider, briefly, giving up coffee for even more mental clarity/lack of anxiety, an interesting side effect of this sacrifice, but then I decided society didn’t want that out of me. Besides that I love it so. And that it is a natural substance, after all. Justify, justify. I’m not ready to go there. The junk moratorium is quite enough. And it is definitely more difficult, Week 2 of Lent. I find myself mentally twiddling thumbs, *needing* something, but not sure what will fill the void. Gum? Walnuts? Hard-boiled eggs? Maybe some cheese. I did eat an all-fruit fruit strip thingy today and subsequently felt a little gross about it. I’d rather the actual fruit, but well, the strawberries are all gone from the fridge. And were probably harvested by slaves, anyway, which I feel bad about.

Also, I kind of have writer’s block on a post I am working on. It’s more than annoying. I just want to be done already. I did knock out half today, but really wanted to finish. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow. I’m not really sure what the problem is with it, except that I didn't have, for way too long in the process, an angle.

I did manage to sneak in yoga today, followed by chiro, our first appointment in maybe a year. I don’t know what that’s all about, but mainly I’m glad I was able to squeeze in the yoga. I *might* be a little selfish about yoga time. Maybe. Maybe I have to be.

All the fish are still alive. (!) Knock on wood.

Although, I apparently killed a schefflera tree, but I feel J.Lo was complicit in its murder by not bringing it in from the frost, either. I trimmed all the black leaves this weekend, which means all of them. It’s bald now, completely. I hope it shows its strength and returns.

And that horrible, Hoarders-esque corner of the laundry room has been addressed!

I had a cold all weekend, the life-sucking kind. But I think I’m better now. Relatively speaking.

love to you,


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Penelope,

here is the first series of necklaces i made for the holy days. the stones are Picture Jasper- which awesomely is made when mud pours into gas pockets of molten lava! and petrifies. its also a favorite gem of antiquity- (hebrews, assyrians, greek...) the color of lent is typically dark purple but LL was convinced she likes to observe with the color brown. i felt this worked bcs the only stones in purple are amythest and with this you get the dirt and blood and darkness of the cross.

below is Joanna's necklace and it is lost between here and new york... i felt the circles were like luminescent tears.... appropriate for the grief of our missing necklace. the 3 stones symbolize both the trinity and the stations of the cross. this is her replacement necklace for the moment and she can chose which she prefers or can keep both. the only difference with this one is the strand of copper wires is broken and all the rest are made with a complete band. but i couldn't figure out how to keep it this way in this design which i made while watching s5 of the wire. and i love the simplicity of the design. below is my necklace and it took about 4 attempts to hit this design. i think ultimately i should've bought extra in the first place so that i didn't feel limited by the # of stones i had. i know you care! keep reading. so THEN this is danicas- an ordered grief. and tears. also my 1st expermint with the soldering gun.... yah. uh,huh. and i really love the symmetry and movement of this one.
and last but not least is Lauralee's. this was the first i made and felt immediate love for it. i have no idea but 7 seemed a holy number and then 3 on the right is for the trinity... i'm glad i had some motheaten velvet to photo these with and i used the fancy camera. but hers is the most organic and closest to me. here they are on!... ooo!
this one is no longer in existence. i'm a bit sad about that fact now that i see it because i like it. but it didn't seem to hit a stride and then the next form it took i thought was ok but then no, and then the next, no, not for me... so there you go. there it all is. look forward to easter next!

8"But you, son of man, hear what I say to you, Be not rebellious like that rebellious house; open your mouth and eat what I give you." 9And when I looked, behold, a hand was stretched out to me, and behold, a scroll of a book was in it. 10And he spread it before me. And it had writing on the front and on the back, and there were written on it words of lamentation and mourning and woe. 1And he saidto me, "Son of man, eat whatever you find here. Eat this scroll, and go, speak to the house of Israel." 2So I opened my mouth, and he gave me this scroll to eat. 3And he said to me, "Son of man, feed your belly with this scroll that I give you and fill your stomach with it."Then I ate it, and it was in my mouth as sweet as honey.

--- this is from ezekial- i think it fits with lent. having gone thru suffering and grief with the sweet redemption of christ on the other end kind of feeling. plus its our lot and heritage and all. and i dig prophetic imagery.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dear Penelope,

Hello dear friend. I can't believe its already the end of tuesday. I wanted to tell you, as it just popped into my head, that i so need to finish/um, start- that last biola essay. Todd my grad counselor called to check in and actually asked if he could pray for me. I was like, sure, oh right now? Yes. And he reminded me also to apply for my fafsa and told me 1 letter of rec came in. It's all seeming disturbingly real right now. I'm getting that oh! I'm actually doing what?! When did i agree to this?

In other news Joanna's package has not come back. Her necklace is lost in NY. I am sure it will make its way back to me, but probably not for another week at least. So tragic. I may have to make her a substitute. And I confess, I'm going to extend my jfk layover into a 3day tour of the town. And deliver her easter necklace to ensure she actually gets it. It's a win/win obviously but funds have me slightly nervous as April looms pretty quickly after. And I have no money for that.

Also I'm fighting some bug. I blame thorne. That kid is infectious. I am sure most kids are. But i am never around them and she's an easy target. Last night I got about 11 hours of sleep. I mark that bcs of its unusualness, that and I kept waking up from sounds, my dying phone, the toilet lid slamming down, my cat pawing my face, me hacking and tickling throat. And if I didn't think I'd wake up before the sun, which you know I don't like, I'd be in bed right now. *sigh. maybe i'll have a popsicle.

more later. m.

Anyway following is the weekend in pictures:

kerrys baptism present: "you are not your own, you have been bought with a price"

mom and i grub on some garlic fries after callie's 3 hour tour d'force of martial arting and her sensai's pontificating. though thats not her fault. plus it leveraged me into being able to have lunch with my mom followed by a flower buying tour of home depot.
kerry and i at mortified. which i wish when you come it would be in town. bcs its so so good.
after all of that naturally i had to lay down in the sun yesterday and relax.


Enclosed please find two adventures to the 'westside' I went on. One was to the Hammer Museum. Sarah took the picture below. And i like it! The 2nd is to this random place that allegedly serves the best ramen anywhere and Danica is slightly obsessed with it. It had really good pork in it and everything else i couldn't identify. The noodles were egg noodles? Which probably didn't contain wheat... i think? The best part of this adventure was that the tea bottle had a haiku printed on it: lily pads afloat, dull painted amphibians, practice evening music...
and the noodles were pretty tasty too. I give these adventures twothumbs up. Let me know if you have any questions.
Sincerely, M.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dear Penelope,

this is from the first thorne watch of 2010. she does normally have that slightly skeptical look on her face, its not just me. but has been known to break into a smile and a song- with plenty of mischief and babble but her cards are close to her chest and you have to breakdown that barrier if you want her to giggle. i have to say i am fairly natural with the wee ones though when pressed i am not sure how patient. I do usual grimace with a raised eyebrow and say really? But then conversely I tend to be pretty empathetic when they're processing things. Even when I was 4 or 5 i remember putting my arm around a younger kid who was crying at the day care I was at. I tend to excel in crisis, but you know how much i love people who communicate and kids sometimes, i mean really, what are they thinking. But how can you say no to this face? Either face really. I mean, I'm equally charming and sympathetic as a character right? I'm sure she and i will have many more grand adventures together... along with napping and tea drinking. I will abstractly ponder me with kids in a later letter.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


So as you know, I’m planning on the total cliché of giving up sweets for Lent. Junk, really. Which means that instead of eating chocolate and cookies, I can’t just turn to the Chee-tos. I mean, obviously snack food is still acceptable, as cannot live without snacks. But the sugar is what really needs to go. (That’s what *they* said – Survivor! mwah.) I’m just afraid of falling back on a bunch of carbs – sugar in a different form. And also, what am I going to do in those lulls after lunch and dinner, when I *need* something sweet. So I want to begin a list of acceptable backups or substitutes to have on hand, because obviously something will have to fill in the gaps. Can’t eat my hand. Won’t be hungry for lunch.

*fruit (strawberries!)

*hard-boiled eggs

*various trail mixes




*chips and salsa

*veggies & dip

*more cheese

Please continue in comments.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010


i still may be allergic to walnuts b (which god i hope not) ut i can definitely tell you i'm probably allergic to soy also. super awesome. not horribly allergic but enough to stop up my sinuses, cause my face to get hot and a nice little red splotchy hive thing to happen on my chest... though the more i read the more it can include things like green beans and string beans... let alone the soy lecithin thats contained in a lot of chocolate. i mean i do not have money for an allergist. and all these cross contaminants can be dizzying... i suppose i must continue my scientific exploration. i can tell you the dark chocolate peanut clusters i had a couple hours ago did not go down well. and chocolate shouldn't ever cause that urpy unsettled feeling. i mean that's criminal. so maybe now that the wheat is gone my body is fine tuning its sensitivity. intolerance.allergy.intolerance. allergy. i mean sure i'm really glad i can still eat the popsicles but still. anyway. lame. and i won't talk about the 'no more govt cheese' wall i just hit. i think i'm good till the end of march but then its an abyss. must begin to build hot air balloon now. not sure if i can pack nuts or chocolate... but meat and most greens and rice krispie treats are still in. so i suppose its not all bad. i.guess. barring bankruptcy or death by soy.


I feel like I’m kinda burned out. Or something. Perhaps it’s best not to analyze, but you know I can’t help myself. My to-do list has decreased, but I’ve hit that unpleasant wall with no motivation to do what little is there. J.Lo started doing the laundry for me on Sunday, and I feel half-guilty, half-pleased. Like I can’t even hack the laundry, what is UP. But seriously? When it’s super-busy with deadlines, I can’t hack the laundry. The folding! Ugh.

And I ponder my constant desire for *newness* and the inability to settle into what is. Always seeking to change or improve everything from my occupation to my eating habits to my desktop wallpaper. Journey. Would be nice if I were inclined to pick the road and travel down it, taking in the sights, rather than forging a million little crazy forks for myself. I’m just saying.

Meanwhile, we’ve been watching “The Middle,” which I love. I relate! But it makes me pause. I feel like, considering our resources, is it even fair to ponder a third child. Yes, there’s always enough love to go around, that’s not the problem. Practicality intervenes—and yes, God always provides, but that’s not the problem, either. I feel like I am choosing between a life that is even more hectic and financially burdened, doomed to shag carpet and clashing lime-green paint on the walls… or a more manageable life that features extra *possibility* for someday, including and especially travel. Like how am I ever going to go the places I want to someday go, if there is a third. Anyway. And I come back again to Journey, staying on and enjoying the chosen path. Have I already chosen?

In the meantime, I have temporarily but officially overdosed on sad stories. No more human trafficking literature for awhile, at least not in book form. I am instead reading Airhead, by Meg Cabot, my trusted supplier of literary candy. Or perhaps Queen of Babble. Or maybe both. I checked out both from the library. The Blue Notebook, the audio CD I recently ripped for the iPod, will have to wait.

So, can we fast-forward through February, already? I’m over it. Oh wait… Journey. Dammit! It’s just that I’m looking forward to my favorite season and month, March, which includes a Ben Folds concert(!), spring weather, a birthday, and oh yes—a visit. From YOU! I am perhaps a little bit excited.



Monday, February 8, 2010


oH MAN, so seriously- today. crazy. as i passed the police cars and the stop sign, i mostly fully stopped at even. i was having this amazingly coincidental contemplation on the law and grace and thank God for the law and for grace. but definitely more for grace. otherwise we're all lost. but i was in fact contemplating 'order' and i turned right and then i made a left and did a legal uturn and parked illegally in a redzone to deposit checks from my um jewelry commission. frickin what! still- am speechless about that. i may evey try to get little metal tags stamped with my name on them. anyway, so i'm contemplating illegal parking and the overuse of redpaint is completely ungenerous and unnecessary. its like you can tell that in certain places they just were like, lets eat up as many free spots as possible. so then off i go to make the illfated right. and this tiny old woman with short peppered brunette hair wags this grandmotherly admonishing finger at me, back and forth, with a shake of her head, like i'd taken a cookie i wasn't suppose because she was convinced i was going to get fat or because like all girls i was naughty through and through and frankly i balked and saw a little red in all my confusion and was hunched over my steering wheel with a cockeyed confused look like WTF LADY! I can TURN. I mean i'll wait till you clear the intersection but I'm within my rights! And its not like she pointed or seemed concerned. Just mad. So my rebellious spirit does not react well to authority figures who are just mad and judging. I mean if she had been surprised and gesticulating wildly at the one way sign i think i would have gotten it but as it was still no clue as i turn right, into oncoming traffic. as god would have it most of the cars were going straight or turning right and as i panicked, the world having gone completely whackadoodle i saw an EXIT sign in simple black letters and a driveway with no bars or spikes and i ducked in there with sweetjesusrelief, turned my ass around the right way, merged over the 3 lanes and got the hell out of there before anything else should happen.

it was just all so funny and ironic in hindsight. even should you be provoked to sin and led into it by your own rebellious desires, sometimes God gives you an exit sign and a way to turn it around and so you don't get smacked in the ass for it. perfect illustration for grace... or mercy really. (my meditations for the next 3wks are all on sin so ... you know. )

after that i went swimming and had some frozen yogurt. because really, i mean totally necessary. and had some lunch, watched s5 of the wire, finished my lenten necklace, and there the day went. i did burn my steak to a crisp however and have made a short list of things further allergic too- as i do have tiny bumps on my chest and impaired breathing- so far i have walnuts, and chocolate chips on the list-as i've ruled out blueberries. i further concluded if its chocolate its the 'emulsifier' soy lechitin. i love the internet so much. and i had a reaction tonight so i ponder. if its soy. because i had no walnuts today. but a handfull of c.chips. i hope its not popsicles. cuz i had like 3 of those tonight alone. along with an orange and a banana... but first thing's first. 2nd list later. i'm not sure which would be worst. probably fruit. so whatevs.

tomorrow is babysitting thorne. yoga. and there the day goes. and its uppose to rain. so i mean, you know, all kinds of fantastic.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Yesterday was pretty good. I had that: and thus the day progressed type feeling. Watched some netflix, ate some fudge and pondered the clutter of my room as I composed letters, and minute meeting notes. Massaged the consistent tingly feeling of the left side of my right knee. It's just a tad angry i've escalated the working out. The hiking, the moving dirt here and there, but its still better than before, worse than way before that. I just want to say hangon body hang on, we're getting there. But i feel good about going back to acupuncture to. Which I plan to schedule sometime next week.

The praying everyday for an hour is going fairly well. I think there are days that I just hang out with God and not much happens and some days like last night, in contemplating sin that I seemed so tired I might have fallen asleep right away. The night before last though one of the meditations was why do so many suffer because of sin, and i suffer so little. The result being- why am I being saved from my own self-destruction. And the word that came back was "you were mean't to face the sun"- and I was a big pink daisy in the middle of a vast grassy field. I like that. It doesn't explain it but it seemed some fact.

It's raining again. Its happened so often in the last month I might believe we are in some mini el nino cycle. How exciting. I haven't taken it for granted yet though. And it is a nice scene- all the birds lined up on the wires of the patio lights. Mom's gang of finches that she feeds.

And the rest of my day might go something like this list: necklace, necklace, xfiles?, book, book, ipod. Tomorrow I swim and help Kerry clean. So it's like, yes, i'm in need of a shower... but tomorrow?!... oh and as soon as i unplug the ipod and replug in the wire for the phone i can update you properly on babysitting thorne and such. and such and such.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dear Penelope,

this was today,
i'm eating a popsicle and pondering that no, the oatmeal didnot cut it.

i decided with nothing to do i would do my taxes. so check that off the lst. i'm pretty sure i filed my state ones becs then it said take the survey but i was too fast closing windows but i hope it submitted. we'll see. i'm suppose to be getting $293 back total ... fairly good for not having made any money this year. there was that month and 1/2 though.

also randomly this woman had my business card from a couple yers back and wanted to buy some seaweed prints. crazy. so thats cool and wanted to chat about SAIC and if seaweed pressing is a good natural project for this craft magazine and is going to fwd my info to her editor... wha....? so i had some shenanigans trying to update my websitewhich i've been intending to do for like months.... but it proves the websites usefulness. and that it should show copyright stamps from 0'10 and not 08. also maybe as i'd been intending to do for the last 2 years, to go collect seaweed. and get some more.

interesting developments.

and though i have no money coming in, as my unemploy check is still not here... its all going to be ok. i havent cut up the card yet but i think once i see the wheels turning again i will...

ive also started downloading songs... uploading? anyway. want to make me a mix cd of your favorites??