Friday, August 24, 2012


So instead of blogging I was watching Haymitch, and Katniss and Cinna and Peeta, and the thing is, were we ever out to impress Haymitch? No, we’re just trying to STAY ALIVE.
But then again, his thumbs up after the apple incident is priceless insofar as rewards.
I think I’d like to find some gold eyeliner and channel Cinna with it.
On the whole, I feel like the word TYPHOON trumps hurricane. in addition to the names. Stay safe, you! My cold has mostly dwindled into stuffy nose and malaise, but no more prickly skin so that’s good.
And what about this sprout growing out of my sink? the drainer side, which I swear I cleaned less than a month ago – conditions for an errant mystery side must have been ideal? I can only think about it so much before I get the shivers.
I’m prepping for camping, theoretically, which involves list-making (our favorite!) and vaguely watching the days tick by, wondering how it will all really come together. Because I have less than a week when I’d be more comfortable with two… Mainly I’m lacking recipes and food lists. The rest of it will pack itself I feel. Right? And we’ll totally find the place, which is what – 2, 2 1/2 (3?) hours away? Somewhere in there.
I feel like it’s going to rain this time. We’re overdue.
Also, even though the structure of *school* is in place and I am by nature more productive in these instances, I feel like there are things Needing to Happen that are Going to Creep Up on Me. Like consignment sale-ing, and library organizing. and this random brunch we’re having in a few weeks for a group of leaders at church? among other things. Maybe I need to launch a separate series of lists for checkmarking.
We did harvest our corn the other night and sure there were only 4 1/2 ears and that’s it for the year, but SUCCESS! for a first-year garden. Also, one of my purple tomatoes is turning actual purple. It’s very exciting. Next year: soil boosting. As long as no one takes our titles from that time we gardened in France…oh wait.
Corrie TenBoom must be on my list for someday. In the meantime I’ve been quote-questing for the library bulletin board, a quote about how reading or books allows you to imagine another’s experience would be ideal. but Mother Teresa quotes keep distracting me with their awesomeness, about the true poverty of the Western world lying not in lack of money but love – “There are many in the world dying for a piece of bread but there are many more dying for a little love.”

What is your weekend holding? Since you’re practically to Sunday by now!
Lastly, this is on my shelf, from my mom. :-D



almost anonymous said...

A sprout is way better than bugs or moldy slimy things, hands down.

somebody's mom said...

Will you be improving the soil with a cover crop? Such as clover, alfalfa or other nitrogen fixing crop that will be easily turned in about a month prior to planting time.