Sunday, August 12, 2012

the ferm

So I organized this event for church, a trip to one of our members' farms - she (nicest lady EVer) had invited the families, and it was covered dish, and well anyway, did I really organize it? I had a part in it. I'm currently sweating whether or not I was gracious enough and did I help facilitate the event enough, even though I'd never been there and my liaison for the event who is way more familiar with the farm couldn't make it, blah blah. The rational part of my brain is telling me not to worry about all the things I'm not, like the type to be all, hey gang, let's eat! Or the type that is brimming over with honeyed Southern grace and charm and engrained potluck know-how. I'm quietly sweet in my expression of graciousness, right? And I take some cool pictures. It was seriously flippin' gorgeous out there, between the light and the trees and the strong hint of pre-fall air. And the coming together of all of us who made a point to take part. The truck bed rides down to the river and out to a teeny church built in the 1800s, complete with a balcony for slaves. And learning that donkeys chase coyotes away from cows. And that the land, all 600 some acres of it, was bought on foreclosure after it was seized from druglords or some such. And there's likely money hidden somewhere on the property. And oh look, that barn was built out of telephone poles. Honestly it was kind of randomly magical, which is my favorite thing in the world So shut up, socially neurotic mind. Because you have to go to bed soon and get up for THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Here are some pictures of the adventuring for you friend. xo

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