Friday, August 3, 2012

here we go -

Oh you’re so right. Yesterday was my turn, and I told myself the whole day, blog something dammit. And it was right there on my brain. But I was dealing with my iPhone, which has turned out to be a lemon – it’s okay, I’ve already cried about it. I’ve turned it on it’s head so that it’s something hilarious. (It only wakes up from sleep mode when it feels like it? And occasionally jumps to life and takes an empty screen shot of itself? HAHAHAHAHAHA.) (Sigh.) (Sob.) And I’m going to the store today to amend.

So anyway, there was a lot of googling and finger crossing and restoring and conversing with customer service and tech support all day and night.

I’m dying for you to download the latest of ProRun and watch it immediately. So we can discuss. Because – gah. Just watch it. I enjoyed the candy challenge somewhat, marveling at the swirly gummy shark pattern, shaking my head at the falling apart pseudo-macaroni dress (seriously? just because it’s called pina colada twizzler does not mean it translates to visually awesome) and rolling my eyes at the designers who still, after TEN YEARS of fandom, do not understand that that unconventional materials challenge is about creating a fabric-esque illusion. And then sewing it into something bad-ass. You can’t just grab any existing material you see in whatever candy store or trash heap you’re thrown into and pretend that has anything to do with the price of eggs. Or, more horribly, take the challenge so literally as to craft a candy shop worker’s apron. What. Ugh.

I have some favorites so far – I like Ven’s designs, even if his personality’s sort of fuddy-duddy. I like the chick with the blue hair. I want to like Rooney Mara and probably would if she didn’t crumble under pressure and turn out things that are clearly way less than her best. And what about the crafty-kitschy lalala weeeeee! guy? Last night he said – without giving away anything major – something like, I just feel sad. And when I feel sad, I cannot work. I want to feel happeee. I think I love his spirit but ultimately raise my eyebrows at his design and craftsmanship.

Anyway… summer break is winding down. Mercifully. I mull my photographical and blogging hiatus – what has that been all about? Or maybe I should just not ponder and get on with it. Because picture-taking is ultimately this solid way of practicing gratitude for the beautiful things in my life…

I flippin’ love your maze pictures. I want to know more about that. And though we haven’t been blogging, let’s at least note we’ve been e-chatting regularly. So the disconnect is strictly limited to blogging. (Well and long emailing.) But we do need to remember that our letters to each other contain their own unique value not worth dismissing. Maybe our August sentence will be bring us back to that place where we know it.

Also, I laughed out loud at your appeal to – if only! – reach that place of contentment a la Peter Gibbons (yeah I had to IMDb that), sifting through the smoldering ruins of Initech. Ahahaha… Indeed.



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