Thursday, August 16, 2012

In regards to,

the green room... of perpetual uh, non finished... waiting room. re: weight loss and contract sentence ending. What to say what to say?

Hum.  Nothing seems to quite know where to start.

I'll have to get back to you on that.

What else... where did the time go. I really was going to sit down and blog and paint and luxuriate in time. And then there was the volcanic face mask, the copious amounts of oj pops, fruit... the shower, the shaving and now i'm all eh, lets go to bed. I mean it was a different kind of lolling around- and i've resisted going downstairs and getting pringles. Also, I've mentally vowed to return to the hospital after todays failed?ish? attempt... so i can get on with this allergy testing and get on with my list before i leave the island. So close that downward slope. I can't say I quite taste it yet but i'm waiting for it... but wait, more on that later. Which means no yoga or swimming but bus grabbing. If i go early enough i could theoretically suss out the imaginary chiro as well. I'm so boring i feel- everytime i set out to type. The different bits about work and love and all the rest so lost- that i wonder- i think i need to watch the happy clouds and youve got to believe again until i really do- so that i can say it...but who has the time with the recreating and working... until next time.


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