Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Have I already,

did i miss the boat already.. are we too behind? Let's keep going self Yes. self. I will type right now. I will blog right now.

but i skyped J instead and then zzzzzzzzz. I mean things to talk about to morrow am i promise... cockroach and pork allergy? and unknown X allergy... and going to a mtg with repressed volcanic girl where we literally talked about what destroys and builds relationships in the christian community and i had to sit next to her... super awkward, baffling, fascinating? not sure. God definitely. And then it's like ... well, ?...  oh and reading follet novel. swampy weather. rain. mosquitos still infiltrating despite net. must spray it.. ok what else? i mean work is ... ? and it's still a bit crazy but i suppose i should give you a run down... also conveyor belt sushi- coffee culture like crazy come to jeju, and go fast work week go... the days themselves seem to be dragging but then it's all over and i'm surprised it's going to be thursday.

love you friend,
and as we say, tell me of your world... the love of your bookshelf, spirals? and whatever else...

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