Thursday, February 26, 2009

Off to Meh'ico

What? Mexico?
Felt the burning desire to cap off the central america trip?
It wasn't enough?
It's for a prayer retreat?
Like are you working?
LIke lots or something?
Near the water?
Thru tijuana?
First time concerns about banditos?
Drinking water?
The border?
No pesos... ?
It's just for the weekend?!
I don't know.
Are you sure.
Yah but still.
Uh, huh.
as long as you like blog when you come back.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lessons Learned from Watching Grey’s Anatomy


Last night, I completely caught up on all February episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. I feel good. And I take away the following:

1. I may have Addison’s haircut.

2. Taye Diggs is hot.

3. Despite my love for Addison, Addison’s hair, and Taye Diggs, I still cannot watch Private Practice. Approximately 1 minute and 23 seconds in, I deleted BOTH “crossover event” episodes. I will never know your fate, Guy From Melrose Place with the Worms in Your Brain, alas. I don’t feel that sad about it.

4. I mainly blame Judging Amy, for why I can’t watch Private Practice. Something about her character. Some people can’t stand Meredith and/or Izzie on Grey’s for their neurotic whininess. I don’t mind them. But JA, I mind.

5. I really want to know what’s wrong with Izzie. I had read a brain aneurysm, but does it all add up?

6. I have almost forgiven the wayward Denny plot. Forgiven, but not forgotten.

7. Derek and McSteamy brawling it out like boys on the walkway? Stupid. Give me a break.

8. I’m still not over the pregnant lady dying. I guess Derek isn’t, either.

9. When is he going to propose, already? I guess now isn’t a good time to ask.

10. I love Cristine and McKidd together, but they’re just… so sad. Gloomy! Do they ever smile, much less without the weight of the world reflected in their eyes?

11. Calliope and the Ped Surgeon, okay. Mildly amusing. Random? Moving on.

12. The Dragon Lady Surgeon plotline was rushed. Decent, but rushed.

13. Mainly, I feel like I’m back on board with GA.

14. It is the last show on the downstairs (girly) DVR that I’m really attached to. I will program it in upstairs, and then:

15. I’m done. Bye bye, Gossip Girl. Bye  bye, Privileged. Back to Time Warner Cable you go. Perhaps a future post to explain my breakup with the downstairs (girly) DVR, and these two shows.

Monday, February 23, 2009

on the wall, the little changes

The signs are up. The veggies/seeds sign is more vibrant than I could capture, and overall, I’m pleased with the size, vintage feel, and effect they have in the kitchen. Because I ordered 3 horizontal signs and 1 vertical (have been window shopping for these for over a month now, and what happens when I come down to the decision wire? wine.), and because they were actually just a little bit bigger than I imagined, we ended up arranging 3 on one wall, and 1 on another. Grouped the foodstuffs together, and then joined the one about the children with the other one about the children. They make a good team.




Also this weekend, in our bedroom, we made a few changes. J.Lo took down the TV stand that was hanging on the wall. The previous homeowner made it, and he did a good job, it had just… served its purpose, and we were ready to move on. It was a tad “hospital,” and I couldn’t stand looking at the wires hanging down from the back anymore. We put the dresser in the TV stand/hamper area’s place, with the TV on top. Shifted my dresser down and put the hampers where my dresser used to be. I also switched around two pictures on the wall. All of this sounds rather abstract and inconsequential, but my main point is that the little changes totally alter the feel of a room, and with each new choice made for your rooms, it seems like the house is even more of a home. Your very own space reflecting of You, and/or the Collective You. And so between that and a lunch out to Panera, along with going to see Gran Torino, which made me laugh a lot and cry a little, it was a very satisfying weekend indeed.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I've fallen off the post wagon and I don't know if I can blame facebook, but I must muster the strength to tell you how tragic the parting of Pen and M was. The word we both thought of independently was bereft as I sat mostly in denial for the two hour trip to Raleigh, it was Penelope who hit my leg and drew my attention to the fact that we were parting. I said she was being mean, and then she pretended to get lost so I could miss my plane but we eventually ended up at the terminal and there wasn't anything we could do about my inevitable departure. So.Sad.

The band had an epic time together. Synchronous is the word we came up with because were good at naming stuff and that the band itself seemed to be in its best space ever. We don't know why this is but it was proof of the good friendship work we've been producing since we last parted 4+ years ago. Like the band and all the music and songs had cemented into this phenomenal truth. A very sure playlist, an album that will never get old, inducted into the 'your family' hall of fame. It's pretty awesome.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bite Me, Revisited

For my original Bite Me post, please see Smartini. This post serves as the official entry for Sarah’s Pushy Neighbors Contest. Mwah.

Dear Pushy Neighbors,

You’re new here, I get that. And I understand there are all sorts of ways to get acquainted and become next-door *pals.* My way is a nice smile and a friendly hello, yours seems to be close-talking and a toddler-like insistency. So we’re a little different in our styles, that’s okay. However, your not-so-secret agenda—namely, switching parking spots—is not actually acceptable. In fact, it may be downright ridiculous. I’m torn between guessing the motivation behind said switch (establishing Alpha dominance? Hurley from “Lost” told you there’s bad luck in the number 3?) and rustling up a copy of our lease to show you that legally, we cannot switch. Our hands are tied.

Of course, we could always try this *experiment* of yours for a week just to see what happens. I’m pretty sure the scratches, dings, and/or scrapes incurred to your vehicle, due to my inevitable disorientation after three years of assimilating to the nuances of Parking Slot 4, will change your mind. Also, you’ll need to be extra careful on the way to your car; I can’t guarantee the safety of any bodies that have the misfortune of being blocked from view by your ginormous SUV.

In closing, the answer is *NO.*

Sincerely Yours,

Your New Neighbor Pal

P.S. Please enjoy these cookies, I made them myself. Also, I hear that the people from Parking Slot 2 are pushovers? Just a thought.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Contrary to my initial belief I did not get to learn about peanuts. I did learn when coat hangers were invented, where the phrase "drumming up sales" came from, the actual reality of things called "gout chairs" and the secretive slyness of commodes, oh and why all the pine trees are spindly. We also had a few fish funerals but that post is for another day.

A generally chill day was had by all. No major meltdowns from the band and we stopped at a place called the Mako to have some tasty food stuff.

Total thumbs up.
Now if I could only stop sneezing. Even an experimental treatment with a Netti Pot did not thwart the onslaught of sinus-allergus.

Later Days, M.

final selections

After much perusing and pondering, I’ve finally decided on 4 signs to replace a larger painting in our kitchen. The painting’s time is done, and I’m sure it will find a happy home through contacts at the placement agency. Moving into its place will be these, all tin: 

Sign1 Sign2 Sign3Sign4

I’m way excited.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Band Vaykay

The band's been busy playing and movin and working- and decided to take a stroll downtown along the harbor walk to reconnect with nature and giant battleships. We were denied some impromptu Tea session but got some breadsticks, ordered some chinese food and had a pretty chill day-- i'd say more but I can't stop sneezing and amazing race is on. Later-

Saturday, February 14, 2009


We decided for a mellow day but rallied and actually left the bus- and the MarioKart and went out for a 2.5walk in Wrightsville called the "loop".. We glimpsed the beach at a distance but Pen wouldn't let me get too close and we crossed some inlets and lots of those crazy runner types...We capped it off with some coffee and Pen went out for a night on the town while Mendacious practiced her madmariokart skills back with the crew- The band gave ourselves a totally satisfied-5... high 5!

The Most Mediocre Show Ever

The band was totally psyched for the ghost tour but it like tanked big time.

We rushed out the door with all the expectancy we could muster. We got $10 out of the ATM and spent $3 doing that because we all recognize the importance of tipping your tour guides but we ended up spending that on some Sonic Burgers and fries.

The first set was awesome. Played in this bar called Fat Tony's. Pretty stellar. Total ghost evidence too- musty smell, chill on the arms, a possible orb? And a good story. William, the mysteriously rakish young man with his cap and peacoat, dies tragically in a fire but no one knows why he was there. . .

Then the 2nd set despite the really good pom martinis totally bunked- Picture of lenin... jack the ripper? Total rehash man. Tired out. and LAME.

And though the 3rd story was pretty good it was in this totally lame space called the Rhino Club. Like if I were Mary the abused wife of this drunk- i would be mad the place was a black and red interior which had all the feelings of lowclass, grinding and dirty.

And the 4th- and last, as the tourguide got more and more sloshed with all of his free drinks meandered across intersections that were clearly red --The night became a complete reject since I forgot my ID and they wouldn't let me in to hear the final story. Which we thought was a perfect cap to anotherwise, huh, so and so? evening...

We were generally amused with ourselves and so couldn't call it a horrible waste of an evening, but were just generally like, what was that? Not bad but mediocre which is even worse. Let's be honest. I mean only 3 stories for $16... sadness.

We capped it off with a mediocre night snack-- salty fries... which were so salty I couldn't eat them and they made my lips burn and my tongue numb. And they forgot them at first and the service took forever. We just thought it was a fitting end... us slumped over on the couch shaking our heads and thinking WTF. I mean it wasn't bad but uh... certainly there is room for improvement... till next time? I mean come on man, fries that are too salty? That's just like sabotage.


Friday, February 13, 2009

Notes from the Office

Hola, We had an awesome Fondue night at the Little Dipper the other day. Totally gorged ourselves on Havarti cheese with garlic and dill and then some dark chocolate and amaretto to follow with fresh fruit. It was pretty spectacular and glad we wrote this sort of service into our contract. If only occasionally. I'm working off a cold right now so I have mandatory naps, while Pen catches up on paperwork and sneaks chocolate and possibly episodes of Survivor. I do vaguely remember drifting off to sleep at the sounds of some naked guy talking about a male tiara.

We let k.lo into the band as a background dancer but she continues to be both a source of entertainment and early rising hours. Admittedly she's on the melodramatic side but what artist isn't. So we get it man, we get it. But sometimes she totally harshes our mellow. Though makes us laugh when Pen whoops me at Mario Kart with phrases like "so sad" and "wah,wah, wah"...

In other news the green room got new fish for the tank. They're pretty flashy and I digs 'em. We may go for a walk later but we're gonna chill for now and save our energy for our pubcrawl ghost tour tonight. I hope it's a great night, if at the very least entertaining with our sparkling presence in attendence. Alright back to working out our set list.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Reunion Tour 2009

Dear Fans, It's been a long road recording the new album, but we finally hashed it out and for a limited time can be found in clubs throughout the Wilmington Area. It's been nice, finding our groove again, talking over the old times and creating new ones. The roadies are bit of a handful but we're winning them over by degrees. The difficulty is the in-fighting of course and we think the one really wants to be one of our backup dancers. We might give her a shot. We'll see. Right now it's just good to be together again- of course the tour of the beef farm didn't work out but hillsbourough was quite nice. They have some killer clubs there.

Alright later.
And chat at you soon.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not unlike,

my will to live, i have lost my internet connection going on 3 days.
i am in a mcdonalds. i paid $3. just a little something to keep me going. if you don't hear from me before i leave for the east that is why. also you can try reaching me by this thing called the phone. it is a freaky invention and i don't promise to answer it but you can certainly try.

Saturday, February 7, 2009





And a few different angles, to indulge my narcissism you.

I kind of love it! Although, upon further inspection, I may have completely ripped off Andi… Gulp. And she knows where I live!

Friday, February 6, 2009

proposed solution

For next time, m?


pen :)


Thursday, February 5, 2009


Hi, My name is Mendacious and I have a ticket problem. In my more angry moments tonight I might have tossed the cat abruptly onto the couch and earlier taken a shot of whiskey but in my more sober moments I'm sitting here, staring into the space and thinking WHAT THE FUCK?!
It all started back this last Summer when my friend Kerry said, Are you sure? And I said, Sure about what? Little did I know about the camera and how the cityfucksyouuptheass when you turn right on a redlight which is a mostly safe and very minor infraction but still costs $170+. Anyway I delayed my trial and just now got the decision back of, yah, you're guilty, fucking too bad. Whatever right? At least i fought it. But now let's see if I can get traffic school going. I've got time. I'm jobless. That'll be $40 at least.

So then you know, I hadn't been blogging and I was all, it's a beautiful winter day, let's go hiking. So I waited for Kerry and parked @ this high curb near the trail entrance, nevermind that I told kerry to park there too- and not 4 minutes before returning the evil parking people- who I've never seen not once in all my years here- ticketed me for parking in a red zone. No signs anywhere and the paint at best was light pink and chipping. $70+. And as we were walking down, they were harassing an innocent looking cyclist. God knows what he got ticketed for. But he did. I know that much. Sure LA is broke but I just think it's wrong to take it out on us. I felt like an ass for Kerry getting ticketed too- but then I thought maybe she was some sort of curse... until
I had lunch with my friend and i was in an hour only zone, non-metered and from the ticket, it looks like they waited for me and not 4 minutes after this non-metered spot expired in time they ticketed my ass for $38. Thanks Pasadena. I thought at this point the devil was just trying to get me down. I mean that's a $100 bucks just kissed to the ether and the grinding beuracracy of an unstable civilization. But i laughed it off, and vowed to fight them both anyway, even if in the end I was found guilty. I mean in truth the law is the law and that's the problem. There's no grace. And I have never been a strict by the rule kind of girl... and it's like payback is a bitch apparently because,
(click to enlarge)
Tonight I just got this-- Not only did I blow through a stopsign in a poorly lit area of a park in the rain and in the dark, he saw that i had a cellphone in my hand even though it was on speaker and decided to cite me for that too. and oh guess what- yah, i forgot my wallet- which my new insurance card was in along with my ID... yes, please i'd like 2 more violations please. OH and can I have a side of permanent point on your record and an extra helping of raised insurance? And the guy was a dick and he was mad and shouting at me. Literally barking orders about rolling the window all the way down in the rain, turning the car off, signing here, incredulous at my lack of license as if i fucking did it on purpose. And what can you do in the face of anger. You just stare idly if you're me, wondering at what point the target was drawn on your back and satan went, go get her boys. Sure it's a weak point. this non-loving part of me in regards to the law. But come on seriously? I mean if you look at the accumulation of events is it just my time to pay up? Or what? I guess it is. It's not like I"m going to change. And I don't know if that's the particular lesson the universe is trying to teach me. Fuck the rules and all the rule followers of the world. Is it a price i'm willing to pay? Cuz you know it's going to be fucking expensive.

And sure just as a matter of principle I'm going to fight each one. Fill up the offices with my papertrails and try to think that if I lose each and everyone the money that could be paying off my debt or buying me a new pair of shoes is supporting the fine city of los angeles. I just got $367 back from the state. Sure they can't afford to pay me, but when i get it, i'll do my duty and give it right back. and some. Since moving violations are pricey.

So fuck you dark forces! God is on my side. And while yes, I could pay more attention to the "rules", these rules are irrelevant to the larger stake in my life. So it's not worth losing sleep over or developing a headache over. that's the point. But I suppose i do want to say enough is enough though right? i mean it's pretty ridiculous. 6 violations in the space of 3wks. it just seems excessive.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

happy, happy girl

Over here! After making the dreaded car lock appointment, imagining some abhorrent bill in the neighborhood of $400 or more—I really have no idea, it could have been less, it could have been way more—I was all set to go, just ready for it to be over. Then, J.Lo came up with a brilliant, master-mindful plan to take the car to Best Buy and install keyless entry. Completely bypass the tumbler problem altogether. It priced out much, much cheaper at $150, they just happened to have an opening for the install, and voila. I can get into my car, AND I have keyless, which I have long dreamed of. It feels like quite a luxury to not have to fiddle with the locks, which were always a little bit of a pain in the ass, I will admit, i.e. no all-lock/unlock on the passenger’s side, and even on the driver’s side, there was a trick to it. I won’t go into details, mainly because it doesn’t matter anymore! Hallelujah. May I just say that every Manager needs keyless entry, for the afore-blogged-about problem of toting children, bags, backpacks, sippy cups, etc., much less