Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Dear Blog-Nation,

We here at Pen&M want to wish you a happy new year and thank you for your readership because of which our screams, words and chuckles have existed in a non-void like place that is usually filled with fluff and stuff and fuzzy bunnies. As the new year clicks into place with the precision that roman calendars maintain we will be going dark as of right now. Today. Ooo, ominous. Yes, as Bruckner says, this is a stunt, a mere ploy for comments and adulation. We totally want those. There's no denying. But take heart, it's only for a month. We have some uh, things we need to do. It's funny because upon review of the first year it was a struggle to blog. We were always disappearing for scads of time- we actually waited for inspiration to strike, and now you know it comes like everyday. Like magic. And we've never gone dark not like ever. And even as I write this the secret golom part of us is rocking back and forth and saying, no, precious, no. Mainly because the blog is under our skin, is so much a part of how we communicate that without it, i don't know what we'll do with ourselves... okay there's like one thing. But anyway we'll be back in February. And we write this because we need to be held accountable to leaving. Otherwise one of us will be up in a stash writing secret posts about our last nights adventures or that one guy over there, fucking heckling us. Fucker. But look, we're assembling this blog into a book. Ooo, i said that outloud. Fuck. Anyway, wish us luck, take time to stroll through our archives and find the strength to keep blogging without us. We'll be watching. And we want your snark and your verve to get us through the dark nights, and be there when we return. Cuz we're selfish like that. We love you.

Most Sincerely, Your Humble Servants,

Mendacious and Penelope