Saturday, August 11, 2012


to you on my Sunday and your Saturday, but now sunday morning to my monday morning... I'm eating a oj popsicle and half watching transformers? something? It's pretty awful. But I'm all clean and sparkly from my shower and the beach sand is mostly off me. I had a piece of pizza and fried chicken. Mwah. I felt pretty ill after but i think it's because the food is patently unhealthy and i'm sure my joints will flare but... I suppose i just needed to be reckless and remember then yet another reason why to say no to some things. But there was night swimming in the ocean and the beach lit up and they brought it all to us on the sand, so I had to wait for it, trying to capture something of the moment and of the summer. There was a man with a guitar on a distant deck of a restaurant, and people were setting off fireworks. A woman was searching for her son, and there were announcements about not drinking and swimming and i swear something about heartburn or a heartattack? i can't be sure. But i'm tired so i'm going to finish this tomorrow... am i... i must. There's something about you and that lawn mower- and spiedies. I remember. HOw did that go?

I got a ride home and am trying not to dread tomorrow. I still didn't go grocery shopping. And that crick in my back that's causing my leg to be all prickly and numb seems to be getting worse? All the standing i suppose? bending? hunching? I dont know. I've really got to find a chiro. Anyway i really should go to bed. Sleep itself is an unfathomable adventure. When i woke up this a.m. it was like my eyes were tuning back into this reality- complete with geometric designs and colors clearing before my eyes- as if dialing back into a different way of seeing. My heart was racing and i really did feel i was snapping myself awake with fingers as if coming back from a trance... from something unpleasant. A man looking in my direction wearing all black.... and something else too but that's all i remember.

MOre on the grass and humanity when i'm conscious.

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