Thursday, August 30, 2012

Over Here,

There's a cool breeze coming across the ocean. It's as if a flipswitched into fall. I'm assuming more typhoons but maybe not warm ones? Is that possible? The other night, cuz you know, report cards... right? Lame. I still have one set to finish. So we went to a coffee shop and my flatmate wouldn't stop talking- so of course she says that didn't work. I was like, yes, because you kept talking. Which she does. But whatever. Then she got knicked by that car and Jin called the police and as we were standing there. Her talking. Me texting you. The rain came down in perfect drops so that it looked like spiders multiplying in a sci-fi film. Metallic spiders springing to life as the water hit the ground. It was lovely as they suddenly raced across the ground and then as if the spell had lost its potency they all quickly dissolved again.

I was so delighted by the thought- I actually wrote it down. Like a writer might who is always looking for details to use in a story. Some experience. I think it will be lost if it weren't here. I'd like to get back to the details again. The eye that i have to notice preying manti' and the turn of a head- to be good for creating something and not merely in passing. But i never did well at keeping those sorts of notebooks even in gradschool. A good thing. A bad thing.

But nevermind. It's friday. And it's coffeeshop time. I'm close to missing the bus though- Do i just take the later one. I guess I can. That will be allright. I'll probably end the day in another coffeeshop.

And aim for one on saturday and on sunday... and that is the way of thing here. And one more week till pay day. Perhaps a different nailpolish color. Some more beach time. Some book reading... we'll see.

xo, m.

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