Monday, December 3, 2012

the best of bailey

So cool, Bailey Brown. 

A furry fixture in our children's lives.
Always there, loving them.

And they loved her back.

Bailey could hang like no other.

She was smart, friendly,earnest, attentive, doting, tolerant, kind.

She was a super-star when it came to doggy tricks and behaving well,
save for stealing an occasional muffin off the coffee table.

She was protective, though if a thief were to come, let's be honest -
she'd probably help him carry things out.

She loved fireworks. To the point I feared she'd run straight into one -
a streak of maniac in an otherwise chill demeanor.

She could win any staring contest, paws down.
(This drove me nuts, particularly when paired with an oh-so-subtle whimper.)

She only wandered in the last year or so of her life,
short trips that grew longer,
until the day she decided it was time to go, to leave us,
to not return.

Bailey was beautiful, through and through.

She loved to camp. 

She liked to bask.

She and Bender were pals. 

A most peaceful spirit.
Gentle soul.

We miss you, Bailey. Rest in peace.

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