Monday, December 10, 2012


I can say our averages are improving overall, though not as well as that very pithy and upbeat August. We're still a little lax, forgetful and traumatized into silence. Remember when our trauma made us louder and more talkative? How I went on passionate and vitriolic rants? And you became heavily critical delighted and sarcastic with reality programming? I think as i was talking at biblestudy last night we have a hard time finding the artist outside of the dysfunction. So now we just zone out and clench our jaws. Or watch prorun and try to forget our troubles. How old age am i becoming. Oh dear. Oh my.

I did so you know, finally make it to the hospital and of course i probably had bronchitis but don't anymore and by the way the pulmonary specialist asks, are you allergic to something. YES! but i don't know WHAT! So aggravating. Meanwhile i will state that i had to navigate 3 departments in the span of an hour and at this point i will gladly thank them for handling me like the foreigner i am being whisked and escorted and cutting in front of ticket laden #'d koreans in each place as i had to pay for everything before i even saw someone. It was madness. When really a gen. practicioner was nec. to check my lungs and my ears and whatever. and i didn't get that. And the specialist just said you should get an allergy test but not here- get a skin test- and here are some cough medication prescription if you want. NO. I want to go into it more bcs from here to there and just waiting and being the only foreigner as the world of the sick whirled around me I was just like why am i doing this? to my? self? But it's good i guess. ? I dont know.

i want to tell you about work, and election day, and korean teachers and being conspicuous and the fight at biblestudy, and the interview at the radiostation tonight but it's exhausting me. so i'll send this and date it like it's  monday. even though all this is happening wednesday right now and i was talking about tuesday. it doesn't matter. but here i am. and you? tell me of your world... i'll try to say more tonight. or um tomorrow. either way.
xo, m.


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