Thursday, December 27, 2012

#28 (recap)

What do you think about what bruckner is saying? I mean, what he does mistake is love and the heart. Sure sure maybe a careless mistake- but I don't want my heart trampled on. My love I gave. Love can be trampled. But my heart? No. Even in that there is something ventured- to love, and to love without return. Even in chosing not to, is not inaction. It's not cowardice. It's wisdom. I don't know. He's no one i'm headover with. Remember the volleyball player? Sigh.

Anyway so the SLEEPOVER,
(sidenote the owner isn't here but some new girl. and the drinks aren't done and she's on the phone with someone. i'm concerned for the actual delivery of the coffee into our hands. It's been like 8minutes and the two people before me haven't gotten their coffee either.)

Apparently there was lots of conflict over where to go and who to go with and then there was no room at the inn and then suddenly our chief- the one in charge for the activity as ive encouraged people to elect different leaders per outing- said decisively that we would all be heading over to my house. But some people hadn't read the entire thread, there were side threads, and I myself being consiliatory encouraged them to go to a pension near me if they didn't want to say. So needless to say 3 people brought no bedding whatsoever and the one thinking about everything got yelled at (sjt) by C, and she's the one who brought expensive bulgogi while the others ordered pizza which delayed them even further. Of course and the beauty about the roaming church as ive come to call them is that they all let go of their issues for the most part though i sensed the undercurrent, (ive gotten my coffee, thankfully), and we were able to do a smattering of singing, meditating, and facial masks- the boys were good sports. I gave C a manicure. We gave R,H, and C mud facials. And I got them all to bed too late and the wind was howling and who got sleep? Not me. Not everyone really- and we were all too polite to wake each other up on 4 hours of sleep or whatever it was we got. It took me 2 days to recover.

Though sara takes the cake for ridiculousness having left us a note that she was going out in 30degree weather. She came back 2 hours later saying, i wanted to see how many coffee places i could find until you woke up (in a smalltown by the way)- i literally said, that's ridiculous. We were all up. And I would've stopped you but I didn't know you were actually going to leave the house. As Harris and I were texting, and giggling, and poor Yeasl thought i was meditating so it was all quiet time until 9am when the loudspeaker across the street went off telling us to vote and then near to 10 we finally got breakfast started. It was a good bounty anyway. And a few of us after went on a hike, where we made a snowman who couldn't stand up- the snow was too light and fluffy and a couple men walked by and said, you should tell him to wake up. It was hilarious at the time. Then mandatory footbath and coffee. (Also some awesome buddhist monks just sat down next to me. Love.) Then back to my house where we watched Miracle on 34th street and ate more food.

Then it was back to work for two days. Total blur. Then saturday. Where it was weird trying to meet up with kris and vivian and where we got no hiking in whatever but an hour- irritating. They have this way of just not saying what they're doing if it doesn't include you which makes you feel they're deliberately trying to exclude you. I actually got pretty upset and was like why don't you go without me until kris called me and was like, no come on get on the bus. And i was like UGH. Anyway, then a spending spree at innisfree. Toner. Cream. Lotion. Oil. This will be my new post korea beauty regimine- to recover? destress? ;) luxuriate... meeting with yeasl and meaghan for pizza. and then coffee and prayer. I'm EXHAUSTED.

And while C is a constant and annoying source of conversation so is my former flatmate and the fact that she got 2nd degree burns on her foot - as i've been pleased with myself to say that while the island is trying to kill her the people are trying their best to put her back together again), and who's leaving the island and when and what are we going to do next before we all go and what vacations people are going to take and whatever else.

Then SUNDAY. . . there was church and lunch, and coffee and then a POTLUCK. Good LORD.

We got driven out to the middle of nowhere where the wordoflifebiblecollege people are- they're the ones who run the foreign service at church... we ate too much food, and i just sort of laid there and didn't have much to say since we were all on the floor in a bigroom- it was heated, and it was snowing outside... and then it was OVER. and we got driven back. and then i had to work the next day.


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