Thursday, December 6, 2012


Location: Yoger
Day: Thursday
Time: 11isham
Countdown: 52 days /30 something work days (curmudgeon gave me another way to calculate. love)

Yours: That happened to me too. They were virulent. I recall they thought the standard stuff would do but we needed the doctor strength finally. Ugh. It's so unpleasant. It does remind you/one/ of how "civilized" we are and what would happen if we didn't like to be civilized so much. I guess shows like revolution won't address the lice and other diseases issues? Like bedbugs at wayfaring places and all the dirty peasants having lice... i don't know what else? Though I'm sure that leather jacket which seems to be trending right now (similar to what that girls wearing in Once)... could be made by some awesome leathersmith for shite loads of money. It would be their chance to really laud the art of the craft guilds. But i'm sure that's not their focus. And how in a preindustrial age art can again begin to flourish anew. And no one would be talking about the death of theatre perpetually. (which has been going on since the 60's at least).

And the dream about the dog- really truly. They were laughing as dogs can and all playing together outside the house on the street. Get inside I said!

Sidenote- weather. Something more or less pleasant depending. It's rain/snowing right now. It's nice. I like the smell of snow on the air. I didn't bring my umbrella though, but it could be worse- it could be windstorming also. And it's not. So smal blessings I suppose. Last night Vivian [3rd flatmate] again asked the driver to give us a ride, and he gave us one right to our door. It rocked. Makes me love vivian in all her artsy awesome korean speaking ways and not going along with the crazy. Shes a bit subversive but not on purpose. I can't tell if she'd be the one likely to get killed because she's so blaise or inspiring and then kiiiik. Also new FT, james. Looking pale and english. Which he is. He apparently came from a harder more crazy hagwon so this one should be cake. But V coming in reminds me, like how easy would it have been in all those times for the bus to extend us that kindness late at night? And how sg never did. Never has bothered. I didn't think it was an option. and it probably isn't since sg would find some way to make it not ok. It saves me a dollar. Also since i'm completely out of dollars that would help.

The budget thing blown out of the water- not that it's all bad. I really did need that massuese to work out that shoulder knot that was threatening to pull my neck down along with it. But she in a stupid assumption charged me for both my and my friend sara's massage and i handed over the bank/cash card not thinking of why my other card wasn't working. And then there was the hair- the watercolor I had to have- right then. Like I'd been waiting for it the entire time. And the hair is such a subtle mystery that i can't fully appreciate or even see! It's really for other people to be surprised by. Which makes me love it and annoyed with it at the same time. And it's a bit melancholy and lovely. Also as i plan my trip- locking in things delightfully which i love and filling up the schedule bit by bit (and having to put everything on the card since i wont be able to paymyselfback unit feb- brings me to halong bay which i think i'm suppose to go to but seriously boats- make-me-nauseous- and it's all about a cruise and a night stay blah something on the boat. Oh and then everytime i'm like lets go here and there- i have to remind myself- travel makes you SICK. it really does. I like how i have to argue at myself like i'm arguing with a travel agent. I must be. It's ridiculous. I'm making cath bring me dramamine for our mekong delta tour- two nights on a boat!- ugh! the things i do for friends. I mean its necessary to really "see" the area... and she insists the movement wont be anything- but i got nauseous leaning on a windsurfing board in the middle of a bay with NO wind!

Oh and msytery speaking of- I've had two people pray about going to vietnam and they both get Volcano imagery... amidst confirmation of should be going but then there's that eruption... so be careful... and i'm like whhhhhhat. 2 people! i mention it here so if at any point on my trip something dramatic happens- you'll be able to just point to this and say- well it was foretold. Also let me go out on a limb and i think it's suppose to happen sometime in the middle of the country- around the time i'm at the farmstay by these caves or on the way to hoi an before tet. Like the tail of the dragon leaving and the year of the snake being ushered in. So. Just so we're all on the same page with having aweseome and foreboding at the same time. Do you want the actual emails in a follow up post so we can refer to later?

Allright- i guess i should go. I even said, no to planning, and yes to blogging. Go me!

And you, tell me of your world across the continents and seas.



almost anonymous said...

Well, if you're not going to send said emails to all of us, then you better make some kind of post :)

somebody's mom said...

Ah sweet child.
So sorry you aren't a trust fund baby.