Sunday, December 30, 2012

i was a tiny bit intimidated

by all those words. But oh my goodness, your Christmas tale! It just warmed my heart. Seriously magical with the tree quest, and the food and the conversations and friends. And looking through your photos and seeing you all calm and flourishing and saying things like, "I love the afternoon light in my classroom" and "sweet cherub so-and-so made me a card." I mean, I confess - who is this mysterious M?! Bruckner, are you equally confused by this optimistic, albeit love-shunning creature before us? Not love-shunning. But oh so pragmatic, you, in these matters. I'm not sure what to make of it. But I will support AA and Danica in the delay of you love-falling-in so they can bear witness.

Also, I love that you finally checked off your yearlong goal of playing MarioKart in a foreign country.

I did find something to read. I know you were on pins and needles in my bookless state. Not that I'm actually reading it, but I will, I will. It's another Ken Follett, Downton-esque actually, although speaking of Downton, I really don't even want to discuss the horrible spoilers I've inadvertently run across for season 3, which as we know airs soon Stateside. I mean the first one was bad, but the second was practically unforgivable. So maybe I won't even watch, I'll just read my book instead, and try to figure out this new crochet pattern - okay, I'll watch. Probably it's best I endured the retina-burning, soul-killing spoilers, so I can mentally prepare myself for the moments. Instead of, say, learning a beloved character on a teen Australian ballet program is going to die FIVE MINUTES BEFORE IT HAPPENS. I'm still stinging over that one. Sammy! Sob.

Stepping out of the fog that was Christmas/Flu Week, I do feel slightly regretful that I wasn't fully ensconced in holiday magic as it happened - I mean I was able to enjoy it mostly, but stupid fevers, lack of appetite and energy and coughing and hacking - curses on all of that. Now we're headed into New Year's and although I'm not feeling quite as antisocial today as I was yesterday, I'm still resistant to getting back into the swing, like there is unfinished business yet, although I can't say quite what it is. Maybe it's just about reading the book and continuing to blaze through the completely delightful Hart of Dixie on Netflix.

Anyway, it's Sushi Sunday, so I gotta go for now -
love to you


bruckner said...

I'm actually more confused by her turning down the free booze. That's not the m I remember.

m said...

in my defense as i was sampling the mistake my friends forcibly took it from me and chided me about being the only one with an international license so... i mean otherwise OBVIOUSLY.