Thursday, December 20, 2012

every night i dream:

~that I have the flu. Usually the achy muscles, coughing, fevery kind.
~that someone leads us back to Bailey, miraculously after a month. Some friends "accidentally" took her home after a party, or someone else spotted her in the woods, caring for a three-legged puppy. Yeah, those are both really weird. But it's a recurrent theme.

And some mornings I still move to feed her first, and curse at my habitualness for doing so. Or the other day I saw a chocolate lab in the street and drove straight, instead of turning right, to get a closer look, knowing that it was going to be Socks, the one who wanders, but having to check anyway. (It was Socks.)

It's exhausting, this stuff.

Anyway, I love your exchanges with Bruckner. He never comments on my posts but then again I don't have a history of witnessing him drunk at work parties drunk-people-watching whilst philosophizing. I love, too, how you are some kind of INFJ magnet. Rare we are and yet you have quite a few of us in your pocket. What is Cath, btw? Have we ever discussed. And are you ladies BOTH really truly coming to visit? When can I expect you?? I require an itinerary soon!

Today I feel like we're at the top of the downslope. The children's last day of school, K.Lo with an early dismissal. Reindeer cookies and raspberry bars to be baked over the next 24 for a cookie exchange tomorrow eve with bookclub. Last night was the kids' church pageant and they, too, triumphed! I mean, there's nothing to be done about K.Lo's surly scowl throughout, but total points for participation. N.Lo's enthusiasm and over-enunciation balances it all out.

Also, I secretly wish for some snow. Love to you in your dwindling days on the island!


almost anonymous said...

Is there a photo of said scowly face? (That's me in many an Easter picture, and probably a lot of Christmas ones, too.)

bruckner said...

Pen, you must understand, it as not as though I am commenting willfully. When a person has amassed as many deeply-guarded secrets as M has of me, I must make ever effort to appease her (which, in many cases, I do simply by commenting here and there) or else risk said information's release!!!

And I must look into this INFJ DKNY mumbo jumbo you two keep spouting. Are you telling me there's a self-evaluation test out there that this over-indulgent narcissist hasn't partaken in? I must find this test and take it IMMEDIATELY!!!!