Wednesday, December 12, 2012


You're on the radio in Korea? and helping orphans or something? WHAT IS HAPPENING.

I'm just here, living the Grim(m) version of my life. Rediscovering my love of cheesy holiday movies, as inspired by an EW article called, "Why Tacky Holiday Movies Rule." The number one reason was, "They're clearly produced by the insane." Indeed! And disappearing into the reality shows you speak of, such as ProRun and TopChef. And Survivor of course, on which Blair from the Facts of Life is twisting and turning her way into the top four. The chefs are cooking badly, and please explain to me several of the recent looks on ProRun that are burning out my eyes. I don't get it.

Bender has gotten sweeter without her pal around, curiously. Like she more actively seeks cuddly attention and is more playful and loyally present than she has been in recent years. Aw.

What else...

I'm still picking nits, but shall triumph.

The Amish/rumspringa book hasn't disappointed so far.

I trimmed my hair yesterday and ended up with an erratic, misbehaving curl on the side.

I'm behind on every single of my errands and chores. Okay maybe not all of them, just recycling, and vacuuming and bathroom cleaning. Ugh.

I sent out like 10 random Christmas cards and then gave up? Weird.

I've had a postcard in my "to-do" pile for a solid month now. Have you gotten it yet? Oh right. Have to write/send first.

And lastly a thought about artistry and dysfunction, I feel like it's an ebb and flow? Because strife sometimes silences us but then if we don't have it, we feel like we have nothing to say. Or when we do say things, we're saying the wrong things, ignoring, losing or otherwise leaving out the gritty, sticking details. Like the most traumatizing moment of nitpicking that occurred last month, when I dropped a louse in my lap and momentarily freaked out, and then forced myself to move on and forget it, and then minutes later, there it was climbing and clawing its blind way up K.Lo's back to her head, driven by pure instinct. THAT'S wild.

Good luck in your allergy quest. You and K.Lo are so in the same world, getting all sick as a fallout/side effect of allergens. But allergic to WHAT. Dust? It's a mystery, may you one day soon solve it.
love to you

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