Saturday, December 15, 2012


Well what's happening babe?

Thanks to your and s' efforts I have a wee bit of music though i'm surprised you two don't have more. Is that greedy of me? I feel I had more but then wonder wait, why don't they have more? They must. I've got to make room on DB. But i was able to cobble together a delightful Advent mix. A couple weeks late but it'll do. Today there are blue skies and I will with or without the team go to an oreum. Because- blue skies! People!

Otherwise the usual over here. Back still sore for no reason. Tea. Breakfast. Church. There was a bowling tourney yesterday. (I got a free pink t-shirt) just because I was visiting a friend (granted the shirt does say "super monkey frog power"... but it is from a VB team last season) and then I ended up donating to the orphans so check and check! And quoting curb your enthusiasm about being an anonymous donor but telling everyone about it. Though being in a small room full of drunk foreigners. Yikes. Bowling. So loud! Oh and I saw former flatmate- she burned her foot... well someone else did by tipping over some scalding hot water onto it. Yes, lets shake our collective heads. The island is trying to kill her. And then a car almost backed up into us on the way into innisfree. I got some red glitter festive nailpolish though.

Oh and today marks my 48wks on the island. AKA 12 MONTHS. Yes, yes it does. Encreab.

Next up yoghurt. Tree planting going on outside which does thrill me. Though they over trim them. And just in time for uh? winter? Well... Anyway. And yes, ok. Let's go SUNDAY. We are the SIX week cusp from today. Can you buh-lieve?


bruckner said...

wow, it's been 12 months already??? Yikes. LIke sands through the hourglass...

m said...

tell me about it! WHAT!

almost anonymous said...

So weird to think I was hanging out while you were packing at this time last year. And not, say, yesterday.