Thursday, December 6, 2012

yeah so, so yeah

Those stupid lice. Yes, if we were less "civilized," what if? I guess we would just live with them, although I did read today that nit combs have been found in the tombs of ancient Egypt. So clearly they've been viewed as a nuisance across time. But then some cultures take it in stride? Or maybe don't see it as a problem unless it causes itching or rash or whatever. But here I am in this culture, which labels it horrifying, and I personally think they're horrifying, and they either keep coming back or never left and I just need to know at what point do I call the doctor. A giant pain in the ass, this is.

Otherwise... I'm learning a bells piece that is harder than the first one I learned, and it makes me nervous because there's only one more practice, but I suppose we'll persevere. And it's a joint piece with the choir and some brass, so maybe it will make more sense when we all come together in said practice. (But I still love bells, true story.) I'm meh again on all my books, which is my least favorite state of being. I miss Bailey, but I think my head is finally convincing my heart to stop looking for her at the door. Because I've done that constantly, for a week now. She really is gone. And it kills me, but I think about the arc of her life and how beautiful that was to vanish that way. How in character that was, to spare us the sight. (But I hope it was a peaceful leaving...? the thought of anything but makes me sad.)

Her absence has sucked some of the life out of Christmas, but I did start and almost finish decorating at least. There's some things I'm like - bah - forget you this year, and other things I'd like to find but they're lost or I got rid of them and don't remember. But there's plenty of festiveness in sight and last night the elf came back and tp'd the Christmas tree and I suppose all is well. And there are all these activities going on in accordance with the end-of-year mania, like going to N.Lo's school today to see the kids sing songs and make these ridiculous donut wreaths with icing and M&M adornments that had 10,000 grams of sugar probably. But super-cute, the whole thing really. And Bingo for Books at K.Lo's school tonight, which is possibly my favorite fundraiser to date. Totally beats the one where you're supposed to buy votes to elect your kid queen of the school, or something. I still don't get it.

Have you decided if you're stopping over in Virginia upon your stateside return? I mean no pressure, but I CAN'T WAIT. To find the mountain. To take you on the one-minute tour of town. The riverwalk. Handbells. It'll be epic!

And of course I want those amazing volcanic emails. Duh. Oh my goodness, I kind of can't wait to witness your adventures with Cathy from afar! Will you be able to blog them?

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