Monday, December 17, 2012

in between

Other than attending racist light shows - which, by the way, features over a million lights, according to wiki - there have been other things. Too many things. I'm really kind of exhausted at this juncture, though currently one could blame it on hormones. Here's a laundry-type list.

*Wiki also notes the light show is inspired by Jesus, who I feel would totally not approve of the subtext happening there. Just saying.

*Like everyone else in the nation, Friday's events make want to puke and I can't stop dwelling on their awfulness. Being in the company of an actual sweet first-grader makes it all the worse.

*Absolutely terrible, surreal timing, while I was reading/crying over the news Friday afternoon. N.Lo whispers loudly to K.Lo, "Want to make Mommy sad?" (You know, as a joke.) And then they proceed to lay still on the bedroom floor and say they are dead. Like seriously, that happened. Never before and God help me if ever again. (And they were told: never. Don't ever.)

*I fear the flu. Which would be awesome icing on the crap-cake that has been November and December, at least when it comes to health and head lice. There's germ-badness going around both church and the schools. Stay away, I beseech you!

*Yesterday afternoon was Lessons & Carols and after a horrifyingly bad start at practice, I was mega-nervous. And we're normally in the balcony, hidden away from staring eyes, but this mess was up front, facing everyone. And my part was a little different from everyone else's, no way to blend... anyway, I didn't choke and for that I am wicked grateful.

*Technical difficulties have been vexing me again. I mean aside from the game of Unsubscribe Whack-a-Mole I've been playing with various newsletters and ads that has heated up again in the holiday season. Apparently when you unsubscribe during the year, it's one thing, but then you're likely on another, separate holiday mailing list. Bite me, spammers! And then my computer is slow again, and I still think the blogger app sucks with its inability to upload more than two pictures at a time and the effort it then takes to create a post with 27 pictures. But whatever.

*I have a lot of things to bake this week and events to attend and whatnot. So once again, not getting the flu would be AWESOME. thanks in advance.

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