Saturday, December 8, 2012


Are the volcanoes symbolic or literal, I wonder. Either way, amazing to show up as two completely separate premonitions!

Last night a mouse was sneaking around in the corner and traversed the nativity and everything. You know how I feel about mice, but luckily I had a liquor buzz, so I watched it with detached amazement. And that's funny, right? about it running through the scene with all the other barn animals and baby Jesus and then behind the bookcase. Snarf.

Today our hag-neighbor expressed her condolences for Bailey. And then specifically called J.Lo back (apart from the children) to share her theory that an alleged pack of wild dogs in the distance "tore her up." Really. Dead or alive, I'm not sure which way she meant, but um, what a terrible thing to say to a pet owner?! Just me? And that is why she is a hag.

I found a book about (I think) Amish Rumspringa, where the teen girl goes to Chicago during that time to be a nanny and it sounds wicked awesome. But dare I have high hopes.

This weekend, moderately chill. There was library time, and the hanging of outdoor Christmas lights. Tomorrow there will be church I suppose, although if there were any week to skip it... I'm just saying. Burnout is nigh. If J.Lo manages to find this new Christmas album I'm desiring I'll totally send that to you. xoxox

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