Sunday, December 9, 2012


Yesterday I found myself in a sketch bowling alley where all our lanes kept breaking down and there was a dalmation family of dogs that were running around and making things a little being in like someones awesome but completely ghetto backyard. And i reoriented myself to the fact that I can bowl but that i constantly forget and it's not until the 2nd round that i finally remember the stride or the focus or i dont know what. But amidst being groped by the dogs and slobbered on, and the balls not returning and pins falling over without anything to touch them a good time was had. I'm gonna miss this church crowd o' mine. They are full of antics and intelligence.

Meanwhile I still haven't been to the doctor and my student loans are finally unavoidable? Sort of. Mostly anyway. Panic. Maybe that's where all the latent physical stress is coming from. On positive notes my friend emily gave me new clothes to wear. And I'm still planning on seeing you come march but you absolutely must take me to hanging rock state park and pilot mountain. I probably won't buy my ticket until mid feb when I get the money from the jobs and all, but I think so!

And I hope i can blog my adventures. With so much time to myself for the first few weeks i'd imagine so. And cath and I after the 1st couple days will be completely off radar as we are going into the jungle for um 2 days- ok so not that far- but far and then into the delta. So if we find wi-fi for sure. Once we get back definitely. I'll have my comp with me so i can preblog if need be and upload later.

Currently it sounds like youre in some sort of grimm's fairytale. The dog is spirited away, the mouse is running amock in the house and then there's the bugs bugs. I love the image of your handbell wearing self watching from the haze of wine the passage of a mouse across the manger scene. LIke it's all finally too much. And it's Christmas. It's a little surreal and mad and grimy and real but you can't deny the magical parts.

Ok I'm going to go- i have to catch the bus. and go to my coffee place.
xo, m.


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