Monday, November 12, 2012

you’re soo right

It is my turn. Here I am. Louse-free. K.Lo was sent home Friday afternoon and there was even more nit-picking and I wanted to weep copiously and then off myself. That futility of these tiny pests having anypowerwhatsoever to shape your world. And the thought of nevergettingthemall. It’s maddening. But ultimately it was a little empowering? ONLY because while I loathed every facet of the experience, dealing with headlice has been a fear like, nearly 30 years in the making. The dread of it. The what will I do and OMGITWILLBESOGROSS. And it is gross. There’s nothing not gross about it. I mean the more detached part of me can see the unfortunate animalistic fact of them and shrug it off. Pluck them from each hair strand emotionlessly and flush them away. But yuck, the way they are suited so particularly to the environment of a human head. I do feel like pinpointing their weaknesses and taking them out at the microscopic knees is somewhat satisfying, and count it as a blessing that they even have these weaknesses to exploit. Like not living long on surfaces. And being easily suffocated and/or chemically destroyed. Because you know, some bugs. Some bugs are much more resistant little effers. And I still quake a little thinking of ever dealing with those – scabies, pin worms, various parasites – but this. I can cross this one off the list.

Not that I ever want to deal with it again. Ever.

And so help me if that nurse (who was very sweet, but in this instance she’s sort of cast as the enemy by default) has to call me again.

Otherwise. I’m reading seven books simultaneously and the thought of that makes me squee. It’s exciting to have one’s mind wrapped around so many interesting worlds at once. But not feel taxed, overspent. More at liberty to run this way or that. I finished HG1 and am on to HG2. I picked up another that Cath was unsure if I’d like, but she read it straight through and suggested it anyway. It’s one of those Extremely Quirky Character books wherein the person is an agoraphobe, a person-phobe, an everything-phobe. But it’s satirical and smart and goodstuff. Also, second read of HG, maybe because I know the outcome, but I’m more fully-fledged Team Boy with the Bread. Before I could have cared less about the teams. But now he’s her dandelion. And I care enough to choose. Bookclub with foods from each district is on Friday night, suggestions? Mainly all the ideas I can find center on District 12 and the Capitol. And there was one mention of Caesar Flickerman salad. But I’d like to get a little more creative, like what could I make to represent the power district, or the lumber district. But please do not suggest putting pine bark in soup.

Well anyway. Things to do. I may post some pictures as well, though mine are muchmore random, dictated by photo-a-day more than anything. I might be in a lull. It was those damn nits, I blame the nits! But we are soldiering on.

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almost anonymous said...

The thought of bed bugs...please, God, never.

I have HG #3 for next weekend (irony?), maybe. I'm feeling pressed by the due dates for my lovely pile of books, because Ihavenotime. :(

Things like 5-hour power outages at post facilities and finding elderly neighbors "I've fallen, and I can't get up" in the backyard...and good things like church dinners and women's self defense seminars and probable Thanksgiving trips.