Sunday, November 4, 2012

oh hello

I feel slightly off-kilter at the moment, but I'm sure it's related to the time change, which I imagine you're not experiencing, because who does that elsewhere. No one. So now I can't remember if we're 13 hours apart again, or is it 11 or 14? Anyway, I played hand chimes this morning. And it really was an easy and manageable song. And I purchased a scarf from the Ladies Who Knit. And I might have promised that I'd start knitting on Thursdays once the new year started. WhatEVer. But I do like the colors and the length of this scarf, it's all very happy.

Mainly your blogpost made me laugh (affectionately). First of all you were totally cute in that horrible uniform. Also, I don't know that you don't want to work, ever, but I feel like you do want to be inspired no matter what you're doing. You want that flow, which I was listening about on an audiobook today. Where you're engaged at an optimal level and you're doing the work for its own sake and hours pass and you don't even realize it. All in a good way. And so perhaps teaching does hold that for you, I could see that in you, but there's so many variables I would imagine? to teaching. Subject matter has to matter, as does the context of your classroom and its students. You're not exactly in an ideal scenario here. Not that I don't admire and applaud your ex-pat-ing/adventuring/exploring new worlds/stretching your personal limits, because all of that's amazing. But ESL...little twits...tyrannical's mud and it's muck and not exactly conducive to flourishing. There are these things to consider. For the future. And even the present.

Re: custom underwear, I feel maybe yes? How crazy is that driving you. I went shopping for a few new clothes yesterday and none of my things have been fitting lately, and these new clothes fit and I must say it's completely lovely and worth it, to have some non-ill-fitting clothes.

I feel like maybe we should video-chat in the morning? or I'll at least continue this post after some sleep and coffee. All coherent thoughts are dripping out of my skull. Oh! but I did love your coffee picture from earlier. Yoger. I love how their little icon is not dissimilar to SBux.


a favorite breakfast

hand chimes

sunday morning 

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m said...

um. Hello.

pen said...

um. i blame blogger for the initial blankness.

i adore the new blue!

almost anonymous said...

As long as you promise not to post breakfast photos every day ;)

pen said...

Haha, that was a photo challenge pic. But I was thinking of starting an entire blog devoted to what I eat....