Sunday, November 11, 2012

On a bit of a Spree,

Babycakes, pretty sure it's your turn. I mean yes allegedly you have some extermination issues, (i meant this in both senses knowing i think what i know now, because i am psychic...) but woman i gave you an assignment (narnia, was a challenging place too). Pull up your bootstraps and let's blog on sister! (catchy no? i totally feel mean now but i have to leave it here.)

Right now i'm eating some choco-almond cookies and drinking tea and watching Once, and trying not to retroactively sink into mourning the mondayz of today with that ill feeling of excess cookie eating. It isn't working. I stopped myself almost in time. And after the car renting, vase making, oerum climbing, mug painting, delicious sam-gye-tang eating, 2 bad lattes, sinus rhinitis, a wind storm, mcdonalds, groceries, basket theft, shorts haggling, dongmoon rotary wandering, and staying up late i was ready for the weekend to end because well becauSE. I'm tired. And i stayed up way too late.

 I'll stop here and wait for you to respond. And drink my hot water, because I keep doing that sad cough cough of the non-productive but irritated variety. And of course I came home and was like, yah right, i'm not going to YOGA. And why for the life of me do i keep staring at the clock! Stop it.

Random list:
-6 people have told me they felt lonely. SIX.
-CD was skipping a bit so i took it out to inspect it in the car of epic wandering and much expense, and then it refused to be acknowledged like the car broke up with it. I was so sad.
-seriously those lattes sucKED.
-i'm excited about my shorts. they rock.
-i needed to feel normal this weekend and just GO. it was worth it.
-pictures forth coming in a mome in the usual places.
-budgets and ticket purchasing forthcoming. one can hope.

xo, your turn to assign me. not assignate me. that's different.

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