Wednesday, November 14, 2012

prompted 2

My favorite drink on any day is… because…

Black coffee. I’m sure that’s a cliché, but how many drinks are there to choose from anyway. I don’t love drinks with an excess of calories (empty!) or chemicals, and as an added bonus, coffee often makes me want to use jazz hands.

I also like water, and wine, and occasionally shots of spirit. The latter two of which do have an excess of calories (useless!), but much as I’d like, it wouldn’t be socially acceptable to suck them down all day long anyway. Coffee on the other hand is very socially acceptable. I have no idea what I’ll do during the apocalypse. I imagine people will barter for beans for awhile, but eventually that will run out and in the meantime the price will be high. Like you’ll have to hand over your children (who will be used for meat) or something. And then I’d have to choose between coffee and children and that would be a crisis. Also, do you like what I did there with “shots of spirit?” I chose spirit because I didn’t want to list out tequila and whiskey and marshmallow-flavored vodka, the last of which I usually have over ice anyway. And spirit is a good word, especially coupled with shot.


Today Bug, who has no apparent ruptured eardrum, but all symptoms pointed that way, and both are still infected regardless, stayed home from school because the new antibiotics are making her sick. #cannotwinforlosing #omgifshedoesntgobacktoschoolsoon


Next prompt: Today the weather is…

Sunny and chilly. Frankly I could use another gray, bitter day to wallow in. You’re too happy out there, sky!


Last prompt: Are you in Narnia? Yes/No, Why/Why Not?

No, I don’t think so. It’s not that I don’t see magic in the world, but surroundings are very concrete and nonmythical of late. The lice didn’t talk to me, tell riddles, serve me tea (thank God?!). I’ve been to Narnia before and the next time I go there I’ll have to travelogue. But at the moment I’m here, grounded, and maybe even grinding my teeth.


Now it’s totally your turn…

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