Saturday, November 24, 2012


Feeling better. A day of navigating rocks. Which i found less meditative this time and way more annoying. Because they've clearly been placed there to prevent erosion and it makes the going even more laborsome. A long trail even longer. Anyway if i do it again to try and reach the top i'm for sure picking the harder but shorter trail so that if it takes me along time i'll have actually earned it opposed to watching my footing all the way down in places that shouldn't be all cragtastic and getting a crick in my neck when my right leg is already going numbish but better than before and my left upper thigh is all OMG. whine. anyway. it was still pretty good times.

I am jealous however of korean gear. Jin said it's a status thing and I'm sure it is- who has the best gear. Who has the coveted north face jacket. These people outfit up right out of a catalog. They look good, serious and professional. How can you not envy them en masse just a little? For that sort of competitive cohesiveness!?

And today looks to be beautiful. Need to find somewhere to wander and grocery shop perhaps. I'm not going to a wedding reception. So I just don't know. We'll see who's avails. Till next xo, m.

Oh and here is the Rilke Poem translated by Martina Nagel:

I live my life in ever-increasing circles
that stretch across all things.
I may not manage to complete the final circle
still I must attempt it.

I recolve around God, the tower of old,
and I spin amidst thousands of years.
Yet I remain unclear of my role--
am I a falcon,
a storm,
or a beautiful song?

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pen said...

poem! love.

oh, gear. what is it like newyorkcity in the mountains there. who has the best and looks the most polished and everyone else is dirt, etc. ugh. i hate the scene and yet kind of covet the beautifulness also.