Thursday, November 1, 2012

so here we are

all fresh-faced and 2004. 
It's funny because I remember I hadn't felt like washing my hair, 
so I shoved it into a ponytail and felt a little grungy 
but 8 years later I'm like, aw. 
And I still have/wear that jacket and scarf. 
Whether that's sad I don't know. 
But these were the Paramount days. 
When you took me to the Dr. Phil show and then on a mini-tour 
and we saw Oscar statues and a Titanic dress or two and what's-his-face-from-24 basking in the sun. 
Ha ha mwah.

She's 10 now, or so we have decreed, 
since her actual birthday was never known. 
The children insist on presents for the fur-creatures 
and so she got a new collar. 
Which I kind of love. 
Still crazy as ever, that Bender. 
And she has two lumps, which I haven't talked about. 
Bailey has three or more. 
Bailey's are not attached, Bender's are. 
I don't know what it means and don't like to ponder. They're old, those dogs. 
Augh, time.

Today's photo-of-the-day was "starts with 'c," so mine was CS Lewis, 
whose full name I cannot get over. 

I've begun again. 
It does kind of put the movie to shame. 
Even though I love the movie, too.

Gummy eyeballs are a little creepy.


Another photo-of-the-day: Clothes.

That car crash, ripped from the newspaper. See? Obliterated. 
I do tend to fixate and need to move on, clearly, 
but it still does give me the occasional shivers. 

I managed to not only remember that my car's state inspection was due, 
but forced myself to schedule it on time. 
Grown-up merit badge! Sewing it my sash. Anyway. 
Blessedly, the car passed. Remember last year, when it didn't? And I was at Shady McShaderson's fine Goodyear establishment and narrowly escaped like a few hundred dollars later? That was terrible. 
So anyway, the universe made up for that one at the Honda dealership with 
fresh-popped popcorn, free bottled water, a bowl of fresh fruit, candy and soda if I had wanted it, 
and an inexplicable free mini-mani for Wednesday-Ladies-Day. What? I know. 
It's a CAR PLACE. 
But I'm not complaining at all. My nails still feel lovely.

Another photo-a-day, which was on Monday, which was moon, 
which was absolutely not happening in the midst of Frankenstorm. 
So I asked K.Lo for a book with the moon, and she delivered in 30 seconds flat. 
Thanks, K.Lo! 

And look how nicely they clean up, those little ones. Aw. 

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