Sunday, November 18, 2012


Potatos frying. Steam wafting from the tea. The typical thoughts circulating. Like needing a rest from the weekend, that wouldn't end, but knowing work won't be that restful but then thinking well maybe it will be... It started restful. A relaxing Saturday morning. Then out to cityhall to meet two peeps from church at mcdonalds. We altered our plans because the weather was bad on this side of the island- we ended up going back to the stoneartmuseum and this crater- paying $5 each time. As you know i love the museum but that crater- waste! So then we drove down south just because someone needed to go shopping there- it's an hour. p.s. And then when i said coffee and we suggested dinner the person (diff one) had no idea where to take us even though they live there because they never eat out. So we were just like uh, i guess we'll uh eat these horrible pastries and then go back north to eat? I dont know. You know how I get a little batty when people don't have opinions or backbones or places for me to eat or get coffee. J and I both collectively were like holyshit this is too much. But we smiled and then overreacted by eating at outback steak house- and i had a delicious austrailian beef salad for $19 which is ridiculous. And then i was suppose to go to this going away thing but digesting all the meat and i think the whole day finally got to me.

Day number two was church, praying for the congregation which was a first for me on the island, fresh fruit (because they want to celebrate thanksgiving early here) and then a decadent lunch followed by wandering on the westside of the coast, hiking up an oerum, and getting delicious handdrip coffee. Though it got dicey after lunch when after getting us to the coast we suffered from another leadership vacuum and more wandering whereupon i decided we'd go up this random oerum and then to find the coffee spot. I always forget. In groups. I don't know why. But suddenly it's like we're drifting until someone says we're going here and doing X. Otherwise the group literally just floats there and the more voicey ones of us (me) keep asking what are we doing? Where are we going? But it doesn't occur to me to just lead the group until it does. Whatever. It was an odd day. Dashes of transcendence and melancholy. We ended up having conveyor belt sushi after and praying for one another in this friends car for a couple hours. there are more off air thoughts here so remind me to tell you about them. I can't quite articulate since i have 5 minutes to catch the bus. Maybe i'll catch the later one. I dont even have a dinner plan. But still I feel it'll take longer to explain the sort of fullness in my heart. It's like when you drink someone elses pain maybe. Or just love. Maybe that's all that needs to be said. Filled with love. A little heavy, a little in need of a wide open expanse.


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