Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Oh, life. You're kind of getting on my nerves this month, I'll be honest. So after K.Lo's third doctor consecutive doctor visit, it was decided she has allergies to *something,* which is causing her ears to become plugged and then infected and then healed but never drained. Basically, she's half-deaf and has been provided with a valid medical reason for ignoring grown-ups. I half feel sorry for her and half want to send her a card of congratulations. It's every kid's dream! Anyway, we left the office with somewhat gratifying explanations for our troubles and a possibly ungratifying paper bag of sample Nasonex. I mean, is this going to fix everything? I have doubts. But the next step is tubes if infections and excess fluid persist, so I hope so.

Yesterday it was cold and rainy and I thought I'd get out of walking, but 15 minutes away in D-ville it was only misting and not quite as cold or whatever, so no such luck. Whine. Walking. Which I love, but I so did not wanna yesterday. But it was fine, and while in my car I finally managed to snap a picture of this awesome mural about the semi-famous train wreck. Which doesn't quite do it justice, as it's a snippet, but maybe you get the idea.

And this weekend, in which I was forced to do some ridiculous grocery errands on Saturday - but the shopping air was curiously calm after what I can only assume was Black Friday madness - I ended up behind Herbie! The Love Bug! There he was, on his way to Somewhere in Blairs, like me. Awesome. Between this and the scrubs-delivery truck featuring Carla Espinoza, I'm delighted by these random bits of pop culture jazzing up the countryside.

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