Friday, November 23, 2012

#16 Frac.

Dear friend

Then on the way back from the chiro (kind of unsatisfying today), my right arm burning sore from the typhoid shot and the left arm a whimperin from the 3rd encephalitis shot, former flatmate calls to think they found a mass cancer in her lung. Taking up a quarter of one. cancer AWESOME. She's in the bathroom at the hospital sobbing not so much because it may be cancer but she can't catch a FUCKING BREAK. and I'm in a taxi on the way to school and the ctscan people are all on vacation so she cant get it checked for realzies until Monday. cancer. cancer. cancer. Also ps. they sent her a text the day before saying, U xray show chest lesion. Visit hosp...And we both were like, uh so maybe lets think that its walking pneumonia.And WTF text!? But when they found out that the mass? grew within 4months... they got all serious. And killed that hopeful vibe. She's telling me all this. I suppose it's a stroke of God that she had a 2nd ridiculous medical/racist checkup anyway otherwise when would they have found it?! And yes, let's all pray for no cancer and benign tumor. Nevermind that our medical insurance here doesn't cover cancer! And I'm like ok, bye. TTYL.

I survived work, ate a 10small chocolate almond cookies, a banana, 2 tangerines and 2 cups of tea. I'm watching cadfael and thinking i should go to bed.

Tomorrow, I'm going to get up stupid early and climb a fucking mountain.

xo you,
(love your essense)

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somebody's mom said...

Totally love you best.

part two - gasp!