Thursday, November 15, 2012

#11 Right Right Right

Yes, so.

$2 socks on, hildegard playing, eating frozen strawberries (yes!), lady grey at my side, incessant coughing (check) and vietnam materials at the ready (book, passport, wallet).... as yet- tickets unpurchased. Why? I can't seem to get the headspace because of the job and the incessant coughing to see my way to buying a ticket. Everytime so close. Hours spent clicking on sites checking options. Like for instance- tickets to Hanoi for $393 IF i spend a 20 some hour layover in China. Or more alluring $451 for a ticket to Saigon only that's not where i'm starting my trip and it gets in near midnight. And tickets up to Hanoi RT are running $288. The train will take 30-40 hours but it's only going to be about $110 then. What. Anyway. So all that to say I just need to pony up the $677-$715 and fly in to hanoi at a decent time- not 21:00 or 23:00 at night which seems to be what the cheap flights are offering.... anyway when i type it out the solution to me is fairly clear. Stop trying to save a few hunderd bucks and get it done. BUt still.

So then just now i started another bowl of frozen strawberries and another tea- english breakfast- and steeled myself to purchase and then they dont take amex. i just ugh. whatever. not tonight.

I think i'm going to the doctor tomorrow. And then the chiropractor and if i'm sorted out by then well maybe i'll buy tickets then. So for now- i'm going to prop myself up on some pillows and go to bed.

Ugh myself. That's how i feel. I had so many other things to say but one of my last nyquil is kicking in.  I even closed this window without clickng publish.... FAIL.

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