Thursday, November 15, 2012


I always, always misspell apocalypse and yesterday when I posted, I right-clicked on the word to spell check, which brings up this long mini-window of options. So then when I chose the correct spelling, this "apocalypse" remained. Nothing else. And it's on my screen, just like that, in every single program, window and tab. So imagine looking at a given Facebook post and seeing "apocalypse" plastered over it. Or any spot on our blog. On an email. On the draft of this very post! It's part oddball, part creepy-wha?-prophetic? and also HILARIOUS. Eventually, I'll restart the computer to get rid of it, but not just yet. 

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m said...

its like what you'd expect from an old school virus. ha ha ha ha. hackers today i dont know if they have any sense of humor. nigerians dont. i mean they are outrageous and some well written but none with the flavor of imminent doom. or is it eminent doom? oh english.

anyway i can hear my flatmate practicing on her ukalale. it's nice. i did skip out on the doctor and for one second i felt better enough that i didnt think it would matter but the cough is still there. oh well maybe tomorrow.

apocalypse APOCALYPSE or apacolypse? no... apocalypse.