Tuesday, November 13, 2012


In all my distraction I forgot to answer your writing prompts, provided when I had nothing to talk about, but then I did. And still do, although it’s really more whining about taking poor K.Lo to the doctor/Target AGAIN because her ears haven’t healed. In fact I think her eardrum might have ruptured, but we’ll see this afternoon. Oh and I have a giant, invisible (and thusly un-poppable) pimple under my nose, the kind that hurts enough to require ibuprofen. Geez.


I cook my eggs this way… because…

Over-easy, usually, and the yolk has to be runny, although that’s sort of an unfortunate descriptive word for food. Why not make it sound more attractive. Two eggs over one slice of toast and lately I’ve been adding a little salt and a lot of pepper while cooking because that makes it awesome. And Mike B. cooked our eggs that way when we visited in September, and was concerned we’d be horrified, but instead I was entranced. Spicier eggs! Also, when J.Lo made me these eggs over the weekend and I added a dash of siracha, which is perhaps even more appealing than Texas Pete. Maybe it’s a tossup, dependent on one’s mood. The degree of spice contained therein. Oh and over the summer I sometimes add a slice of garden tomato on top. Why, to all of this? Mainly texture I imagine. Layers of flavor – salt sweet savory spice – and palatal interest.

Shiz, I have to go pick up the Bug. The rest of the prompts forthcoming.

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almost anonymous said...

Have you tried a plain yogurt face mask? That seems to help bring things to the surface for me sometimes. Although those underground ones are tricky.