Wednesday, December 15, 2010


hello friend- oh oh oh there's so much to say. so many little things that i want to communicate that are slipping away. when i last left you, you were driving off into the sunset sick to your stomach and entering an adventure of an indetermint length and lets be honest, nature. you're essentially a tourist with a home. things will not be the same. things will be absurd, to different, to being written in a completely different language. you will not understand everything. your whole body will vibrate with the difference. it is best to take notes and keep telling the world your story. really, that's the most impt thing. and we thank you.

back to me, i can only stave off narcissism for so long, except for being on the prayer team where my mind is now teeming with divorce, cancer, cancer, cancer, drugs, money, dying, heart surgery, brain tumors, charters, tiresomeness, and whatever else. but nevermind that, only God can do something about that. i will throw in my request to break myself from the, not looking toward the moneyless cliff or the haven't gotten around to etsy yet, or the, i'm going to be singleforever... anyway, look here how my cat resents me working on the christmastide necklaces... i got 3/4 done despite him.

i did have a smashing sucess of sunday night. i was telling someone just before hand how i missed being around boys and then i got dosed with them from about 5pm-1am. go me being social! also it was a wise choice to continue to the 2nd location. usually it's not, but it was nice, even when no girls joined (potential awkward disaster) but. the boys were polite, playful, serious, articulate, witty and generous... it was the kind of high and frivilous night that if we had been younger would've carried us to 7am and a wafflehouse. ben is going away... on sabbatical i say, back to san jose. aw, we miss ben already. this is actually the first time i'd been out with him outside prayer council meetings.
bye cute ben. bye. and may i say he has the most awesome friends. one, a friend i've known since my co-op days, who btw he and ben, introduced me as an artist everytime, she's a very talented artist, they'd say. it was a big bearhug everytime to my heart. alsa the two verbal highlights besides the constant improv'ing- his friend saying "guys, i have a kidney to take out in 7 hours."... wait, he's not joking. and then arguing whether or not tolstoy betrayed his characters... oh yes, high times i tell you! bruce sauntering down the street with bottles of wine, being tempted with delicious looking breadpudding, deadwood references, and did i mention all the boys?
and given the energy and chatter of sunday, monday could not possibly live up, despite the friends, walks, crafting, and coffee taking. but it was good. the last couple days have been a little not-definable but somehow i'm getting some-things done? and watching too much tv. possibly consuming too much sugar... oh and i did start to tear up on my yoga teachers last day, at the end of class, and then again in the car. i'm taking everything a little too hard right now- the leaving, the suckitude of advent, but anyway. back to pretty sparkly things. fa la la la... no this isn't my house. mom's given up on christmas. but i did put out the advent pillows.


pen said...


millie & elsie said...

mom gave up on Christmas? leann no! i almost did. but then... sparkly lights!
well, i like the necklace in your picture. oh and k, there is a new chocolate shop in pasadena...

Daniel Bruckner said...

I miss being around boys also.

On another note, not once in my life have I been introduced as an artist or talented. You live a charmed life!