Friday, December 31, 2010

for ole penelo-mine,

i know. i know. endure the ticking hours. though after knowing you for 11 years! it's like wait what? where did the time go? i mean we're thankful for 2010 to racing toward a conclusion though i felt november and december were long in the tooth but for the most part. snap. for me anyway. snap.snap. i don't understand it. all i can think is that i'm excited for epiphany to arrive. i vaguely know why. but tomorrow IS a new day. and amen to those. to the dawn. to a fresh breath. we need it right. another footing. some direction?

i'm home after a bustling day. i went hiking with danica in the a.m. totally impromptu (it was awesome), lunched with mom (a rare delight), traderjoed , frapp'ed, picked annmarie up athe airport, got kerrys car, went to poquito mas for dinner- and BAM- there went the day. though i averted several car accidents, people collisions and a general air of crazy out and about. You could feel it in the air, people just straining. maybe the year's been on hard on everyone. it probably has. and everyones like, just lets fucking get this done, shall we?

i am totally sad you did not capture pictures- these are mine from the day:

what else, what else. i enjoyed our 2010 rehash. i deposited some checks too and i have enough money to pay for my car insurance. probably not the doublemin's on all my cards but thats a start. ok its huge! lets not take it for granted. but i can only celebrate very quietly. i'm going to make some tea, eat a mango, light the candles and maybe craft? or read to mom or she'll read to me. but right now they're out at bigjims. dad lured mom to go look for a laser level that got stolen and lowes closed 5 min before they got there. anyway i could not agree more about the no-shame of the price club. its a wonderous place. lets be honest. granted not a big a bargain as it used to be but there's good stuff there. nevermind. and they've got a good meat section so sometimes you just have-to.

maybe i can rally the troops to play the officeclue with me on the new year. that sounds a perfect way to begin the day. oh and gluten free pancakes because dad broke the waffle maker. there it went careening to the ground. alas alack.

alright my attention span is totally gone. and ihave cornchip taste in my mouth.

holysnap- the colony just brought over a plate of ribs, another plate of potato salad, doritos and rice. um OMG. totally beats the savory and dessert tamales they sent over for christmas. shizzzz. i've got to go. i have to focus!
xo, to you my dearest pen. may this next year be bright and may it not be from a meteor, oncoming trains or hazard lights or the dying sun, but you know internally bright, not from something going nuclear or super nova, but you know sparkly like stars.


pen said...

omg, so i discovered last minute - AFTER dealing cards and choosing my employee that office is clue is 3-6 players. gasp! so sad. i pouted big time.

love that pic of you and your mom. cheeeeeers, m!

mendacious said...

oh snapple!

i'll bring it to chi. we won't be stopped.

and it totally looks like the countdown globe. i just heard the east coast chiming... must use globe in future.

almost anonymous said...

Nice hike!

But mouse in the house...ick.