Tuesday, December 21, 2010


because you care:
in other news cathy told me her color for 2011 would be hotpink and suggested i find a color. perhaps it will be goldenrod- or is this more like indian summer, gold, or liquid sunshine? i have been in a dark purple called 'black orchid' for the last 8 years (the bedroom color). i don't see myself throwing that over anytime soon. but visually i do feel more vibrantly jewel toned. we'll see. in reviewing the blog entries for december i do find we change a lot as much as we stay the same. its all in the nuance isn't it.
anyway i've got to go back to lounging or sewing myself a bedskirt.
besides that i'm fighting off a cold. woke up with the lymph nodes and a scratchy throat. have been dosing ginger, vitc, liquids and inproductivity.

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pen said...

goldenrod. mmm lovely.