Wednesday, December 29, 2010


a windstorm is brewing outside and finding its way inside our drafty house. murder she wrote is on, set in australia this time, a perfect compliment to a dark and somewhat ominous exterior. she's come to see if she's a distant niece of a departed so and so. it doesn't seem like this scenario would ever happen to me unfortunately as I have too many cousins wandering about to be the last line of anyone though i'm at the last line of me, but anyway i hope never to run into a deadbody although i often wonder in what scenario would that ever happen. nor do i want anyone i know to be murdered or disappear or die really. i found myself weeping at about 5 spots in toystory3 as if it was the most heart rending thing i'd seen since deadpoets society, and no one died it was just tinged with loss. but nevermind. as you say mortality, the shadowland seems to hover perpetually on the periphery of us sensitive souls. and why some glimpse more of death than others sometimes seems more a matter of design than randomstance- i wonder. even though we can scarcely grasp that death comes for us all. and yet still it doesn't make life a culmination to tragedy. i had a good conversation with my cousin on tuesday all about whether common sense was culturally learned aka inherited by judeo-christian beliefs the country was founded on or if it was "innate" and encouraged or just simply learned... of course right as we left my cousin was about to tell me about the strange occurance that happened to him that one time after his friend had died but it was too weird to be talked about- my specialty i assured him- but he slipped off the hook and into his car. and then mom came home to tell me that she saw a kid open a lid off a type of sucker, lick it and replace it! mom told him that you shouldn't do such things and he said, but i didn't like the taste... obviously not understanding the point. common sense indeed. the mom didn't understand either with the other 4 kids at her heels and the various gluttonous sampling they were doing of the bins. i mean sure, ok, a bite right? we've all been there. i mean whole foods leaves open bits of things as well as costco, but where's the line? when they don't even know the law let alone the spirit.

onto other small matters,
dad is on a rant about me taking all the purple popsicles, which is untrue. they are the most delicious, and there simply never enough. . . and though the day seemed to spin i managed to finish all the necklaces. last of the last of the last... except for a couple more oneoffs here and there.
i woke up still smelling like garlic no matter how much flossing, gargling and brushing and chewing i did of a mint and stringent variety. and i paid that bogus $50 fine- cash mind you. that hurt.

i'm currently pondering if i should cut my hair or maybe just go crazy with layers? as i haven't dyed it lately. anyway tomorrow i yoga and thats about it on my list. resenting my sideburn hair thats for sure. what else. what else. reading aloud the IR 'mysterious benedict society'with mom... pillows... my unbudging waist line...

(que staring into space 20min)



pen said...

some would argue common sense or our inner voice is innate and it's society that beats it out of us. but then you look at the lollipop kid and that's just not okay.

i think your $50 was better spent on the fine than my $50 that was spent on flowers. cough hack.

oh and i was made of steel during toy story 3! until the very end when he passed on the collection. then it was a flood. i was almost proud of myself.

almost anonymous said...

Had I watched Toy Story 3 alone, there would have been tears for sure. But I watched it with my parents.

Does innate common sense have something to do with survival of the fittest? As in, during the normal scheme of things, would those without the common sense have been among the first to go? :)

My WF is packsist, which I am. Packing's not my favorite, but unpacking when I get home is worse.

ashley said...

I have always thought that to know Jessica Fletcher must be the most horrible shadow cast on your life - eventually, someone you know will not only DIE but will be MURDERED and you will perhaps be framed for said heinous crime. I mean, unless she gave really stellar Christmas and birthday gifts, I'd pass on that.

Also, I was just talking to my hair stylist the other day about how strange, but acceptable, it is that we describe flavors with colors - ala, the purple popsicle. I guess that's common sense, no?