Saturday, December 18, 2010

let’s carry on, m

My past 4 weeks have now included:

strep throat

the death cold

the stomach bug of death

a wrapped ankle from a fallen arch

cold, part deux.

Hello? Hi. I mean, I realize there are worse problems in the world, but I find it incredibly vexing. And let’s not forget K.Lo also had strep and the stomach bug, N.Lo had the death cold, and now K.Lo has some other random thing that is possibly strep again. Is any of this helping the moving and unpacking process? It is not.

Also, I’d like  to point out that if you google “fallen arch,” the majority of pages are geared toward the senior citizen set. And I’d like to think I’m not there yet. Anyway, I managed to find the damn Ace bandage – which, of course, was in my car the whole time – and maybe it’s working, although J.Lo mocks me every chance he gets.


Pause from snark. The colors in our new house are pretty livable, although I admit I’m already itching to paint the kitchen and the master bedroom. Even though I vowed not to. Because what if it doesn’t work out? I worry. We still have a house to sell, and this one to buy. So why paint? But it’s in my nature to go there. 

And yes every cell vibrates with the newness of this place. And I’ve barely left our yard. The fragrant rosemary bushes and the tiny icicles on every tree branch. The train the distance. The farm field beyond the line of trees that is yet to be explored. And once it’s warmer, the parks and the museums beyond our front door. Not to mention church and schools and doctors and dentists. So much work to do. And friends(?) to make? I suppose that happens sooner or later.


I went away for a little bit, possibly over 24 hrs., but now I’m back. On a side note, I love this propane heat system, but it’s making me look old as hell in spite of my best efforts to hydrate. And I’m not a humidity kind of girl. But I might have to break down and buy a flat iron or maybe Santa will bring me one.

Even though Santa is just a hot mess this year. And our new mailman is going to hate him soon, because amazon likes to pretend it’s going to be cost effective and ship everything at the same time but really it sends every last thing separately, which in Christmas 2010’s case translates to approximately 50,000 boxes. And I didn’t even spend that much. The last-minute deals were just that amazing.

I suppose I should go for now my friend. A giant box of medicine cabinet items await my unpacking skillz. Wee.

disjointedly yours,



erin j said...

gotta say if fallen arches are old people problems then i was considered old by 18. my arches fall ALL. THE. TIME. sigh. i'm that nut in the shoe store saying, i can't buy that pair of shoes because the arch support just isn't there.
and amazon is crazy with the boxes...though it's kinda fun because you never know WHICH box you got... it's like christmas twice!
we miss you on this side of the state!

pen said...

Me too, with the fallen arches! From the cheap-ass shoes of my youth. I've just never had one fall and be painful for quite this long.

The only thing w/ Amazon, besides my mail person hating us, is how suspicious will all those boxes be to the K.Lo. Especially when I can't open them.

Miss you toooooo!

almost anonymous said...

Now I feel justified in being picky about how comfortable shoes are before I buy them ;) Cute boots bought (cheap) for only certain occasions excepted.

Frustrating how things like that suddenly make you feel old.

Somebody's Mom said...

Augh, Foot Pain!