Thursday, December 30, 2010


First may I say that this is my new desktop picture. Yaaaaaay!

Tomorrow we’re going here. Which hopefully will appease me the children after suffering a week home with frigid weather outside. Although at least there was a bit of bike riding yesterday, once the bitter, snow-to-sand winds abated. And soon it’s going to be 50 degrees and sunny? Who knew. My sinuses can’t keep up. So obviously a park excursion will also be in our short-term future, and the checking out of our neighborhood… lake? What? Apparently there is a lake. I know nothing more.

Also, we’ll have to join Sam’s Club this weekend and acquire a decent selection of proteins. Please and thank you.

I have many ideas for the children’s play room as well. Bright blue walls. A dress-up clothes area under the stairs – we won’t make Harry Potter sleep there. I want to make something like this – loosely. I have ideas. And we must acquire a new ceiling light fixture as well, something happy and bright. At the moment, it’s a bare bulb, which obviously is not acceptable. And let’s not forget the space heater, which has been ordered and is on its way.

Today we’re crossing fingers and toes and praying to God and St. Christopher (and St. Joseph, always St. Joseph, RE: the house) that we can acquire a functional vehicle for J.Lo. We are done fixing Monty Montero and are ready to bid him adieu. I can’t say I loathe, but I’m also not fond of, his green visage after two maybe three years of the Same Old Problem, fixed several times over and including a tow or five or six. We could have bought a new car with that money alone. For now, we just need something that runs.  Or rolls while powered by motor, as the case may be.

Which also means we had to make some company-wide budget cuts and for now, we’ve nixed preschool. Grim but true. K.Lo will enter freeschool, i.e. kindergarten, in the fall anyway, and N.Lo can wait. They’ll not suffer, I don’t think. I might, a little. But for the most part once we made that decision, it felt like a weight lifted, which obviously means we’re doing the right thing. The Gut has spoken.

Although don’t ask me how, in the company of children, I’ll accomplish the 50-11 errands I have slated in the coming weeks: join a gym, find a pediatrician, visit the DMV and tags place, etc. etc. and more etc. We won’t ponder that ust jyet.

Love to you. Are we resolving anything in the New Year? Let’s discuss.

penzy fly


mendacious said...

i can't believe they're charging 100 for that tent thing- considering you can throw 2 curtains from ikea together on a ring for $20 and call it a day. okay maybe $26.87 but still. ooo unless you made it of damask or fine silk,mmm. ah to have a playroom. i never did. so jealous.

at least now that kinder countdown calendar will really be impt. x'ing off days and all ;) would you consider renting the house to college rabble? what about quiet girl college rabble?

pen said...

and when you already have 4 light blue sheer curtains and a bag of random ribbons it's even cheaper to devise.

renting. bah. can't.

erin j said...

the tent thing looks awesome!!!! i may have to make one for our new reading corner!!
if you REEEAAAALLLLY want k.lo in pre-k call the local school board and see if they offer free pre-k (aka more at 4.) explain you just moved, many can help you find placement mid year... just a thought (more at 4 programs go until 2 or 230...just sayin'.) but if not, is it possible to do a drop in for a day or two so you can run errands child free? many places offer deals for first time users...a thought.
also call junk yards. we just got 300 bucks for our old and broken saturn on christmas eve... nice to have a little extra cash...and they came to us... no weirdos stopping by to scout out your house and what not...
and this lake... is it swimmable? how fun would that be????

almost anonymous said...

Have fun at the science center!

I'm sure you will do a fabulous job with the curtains.

pen said...

I called around to preK's first - even before we moved, and they were all full with waiting lists. It's all right. We'll survive and I think it will be better not having to adjust to a new school twice in one year instead of just once. Lots to explore in the meantime! A swimming lake would be awesome, but that's not confirmed yet. :) Totally you should do one for a reading corner! I was thinking a quilting hoop...

Pics to come of the science center. We're probably way too excited to get out of the house. :)