Tuesday, March 15, 2011

t-minus 33 minutes -


‘Til my bday. I’m inclined to say it already feels a little blah though I can’t articulate exactly why. It’s not my age. I mean 33 – I covet it. It’s has to be the second most desirable age to 25. I’m sure it’s partly my lack of concrete plans, other than Not Working (aside from Managing). We’re going to have dinner at an Italian place. IF it’s a sunny daytime, I imagine I’ll make my way downtown and attempt to photograph le town. Possibly have a treat lunch at the café. Because clearly, if Penelope can’t have the actual day off on her birthday (Wednesday? ick), can’t hang out allday with J.Lo, or be surrounded by all her besties (why do you people all live so far away?), a sure way to make her happy is good food. As evidenced by this highly awesome picture at the RickBayless restaurant. Pre-prophetic hotcocoa. That was a damn excellent panini.

Also I confess I used my birthday money to purchase a Keurig coffee maker. Don’t judge. Although really, how could anyone judge because kcups are awesome. The only thing I really need to procure is tea kcup for the afternoon. Lest I fully form a 3-cup/day habit. It’s making me a bit jittery.

Good beverages also make a Penelope smile.

I might also rent a movie I love from the library, or revisit the vampires at dusk. The fates will decide. Oh, and it is Survivor Wednesday. Word. Survivor and vampires also greatly appeal to a Penelope.

You know what other picture I love? This one. Pen&M Perfection.


Heart you. Miss you. Even though my Grandma had just died, my last birthday rocked bcs it was with you! No one else in the world would scatter confetti across the kitchen table for me and carve a happy face out of a clementine.


pen on the cusp of 33

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Andria said...

Happy Birthday!!!!
good food and don't forget ANTM! How could a dose of Tyra not make you smile? er, I mean, Smize!