Tuesday, March 1, 2011

i need to begin photographing my town for you -

Because when I came back from Chi (and no, of course we’re not nearly done talking about Chi – we’ve barely begun!), I noticed patches of green grass and budding trees. Which means soon the whole world’s gonna be beautiful. Which makes me excited about everything.

So I was downtown for a bit today and sort of dying to photograph everything. But I didn’t. Not yet. It will be a piecey photo tour. Today, you get the post office. It’s all historic and whatnot, with marble on the walls and the floors and very ornate moldings. Someone put some art and effort into this building, once upon a time. Like they used to do with all important buildings. You know. I’m absolutely sure it has a ghost or two, at least.

I had two children in tow and milk in need of refrigeration in the car – excuses excuses. And then there’s the conspicuous photographer thing. But annnyway – here’s a glimpse. The post office. And my little K.Lo moppet, who did want her photograph taken, but not N.Lo, because he did not want his photograph taken. You have to know these things.




somebody's mom said...

And all sepia and antique looking to match the post office boxes!

ashley said...

I sure do love the moppet.

Andria said...

love both of these pictures. total awesomeness. what an antique glamor your PO is! fun!