Saturday, March 5, 2011


We finally went to graceland. Not sure why I never got around to it when i lived there. But we made it. The snow delivered a majestic and idyllic scene that literally vanished the next day in the rain. And after being handed a list of important people that were mostly all men, Pen and I went off to explore. I thought a cool tour would be a tour of ordinary people or ordinary people with cool names. Like this guy below- oh, august awe. how can we compete with a name like that. Another cool name was Harold Ernest Stump. I want to know what these random people did and what poor Emma looked like, young mother, deceased on a warm?june day in 18?69.
We made it about an hour as Pens hands were going numb (note her silly gloves with no finger tops) and I was alternately sweating in my ridiculously warm coat and kicking dusty snow off my shoes so it wouldn't soak through the mesh holes. (equally silly). But still a pretty magical place- the quiet dampened sounds. The crunch of our foot steps. The murder of crows off to the left. The ambiguous and locked chapel. The various masoleums and melancholy statuary. The many limbed trees networked through a grey sky. An alluring hint of a story. Passing through.


pen said...

ah. i love this post. kind of wish i was still there.

Andria said...

great adventure and love your interest in the unknown/untold stories.
LOVE the closeup picture of you two - awesome. epic.

almost anonymous said...

The next best thing to being on the adventure with you, and without the cold :)