Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mystical Points and other diversions,

As has been noted in blogs previous, something always happens when Pen and I get together. Chi was no exception. Pen made me go to Xoco. Which is some derivitive of the ancient word for chocolate. My stomach unfortunately wasn't quite repaired so I didn't get through half of this delicious cup of awesome. So round about when it beat me I started to stare deep within its confines for answers in order to cope with my inability. And as you can see there is clearly a heart in the center there, and to the left a lovely tree. One can carry this image further to the right of an entire landscape. So then I was all, Pen what's in your cup- to which she suddenly went oh what?! that's pilot mountain! Clearly its a volcano erupting but she said, trust me. So then the internet provided us with the absolute creep factor conversation of why Pilot mountain was in her cup and why there was a heart and a tree in mine... which apparently also suspiciously looks like 'hanging rock state park'- apparently we're going to have to go to there. On a quest perhaps. Chocolate is suppose to have mystical properties... was used in rituals... and uh apparently is speaking to us about North Carolina's great wilderness. We can only wonder why.

So anyway then she saw Rick Bayless. Not once but twice and it was suddenly the perfect experience. We'll let you know what happens when we go to pilot mountain in some undetermined fall sojourn.
As it is the next weird experience was when we wandered into this creepy occult shop which would almost be cool because of the saints and the aeresol spray cans that say "to ward off evil" except for the not so cool stuff they sell intermixed. I started getting a headache but I'm sure it was because of all the incense and anti-jinx candles burning. Now Pen is 'mad' because I wouldn't let her buy this little 'lucky money' buddha- which I wouldn't have had a problem with except at that exact moment I picked up a card with Jesus on it for 'economic hardship'... So she turns to me with the little green idol- uh, buddha- and i just, at that very moment, read about a prayer to jesus so you know. What could i do. Our minds suddenly each arrived at a crisis and one was a question and the other was the answer. Clearly not a coincidence right? It was almost uncanny in the timing of it.
Anyway ANTM is on and I'm thirsty. More on the not so weird and strange Chicago later.


pen said...

I can't wait to find out what it all means. And to buy my little Buddha when you're not looking. ;)

almost anonymous said...

This will definitely require follow up posts.

And I have a was it intuition or deduction conversation for us to have at some point :)

somebody's mom said...

Reading chocolate! Love it. The images are such a trip! And worth a trip!

Andria said...